Why Every CEO Needs a Solid Online Presence [Infographic]

September 11, 2015


Running a business in the global marketplace is very competitive and if an organization wants to differentiate themselves from their competitors they need to work on their brand. One of the most effective ways to develop this brand is by having the CEO work as the face of the company. Whenever someone mentions the name Microsoft they think of Bill Gates and the same is true for the late Steve Jobs who took Apple Computer to the company it is today.

Today we are going to look at why CEOs need a solid online presence by first understanding consumer behavior. Consumers tend to buy from companies that have a well-documented reputation and the way these consumers substantiate the reputation is by doing online research. If a company has a CEO that is proactive with the public then that company is going to receive a considerable amount of publicity. We could look at Richard Branson who has embarked on a series of world record attempts to try and build up his online presence. Now whenever someone mentioned his name they will think of his company Virgin Airlines.

Benefits of Having a Solid Online Presence

Aside from generating more sales when a CEO has a solid online presence they are able to get behind a variety of social programs. Like the late Dave Thomas who founded Wendy’s restaurants and helped with the development of KFC franchises across the USA. Dave Thomas was adopted and used his online presence to bring attention to this adoption programs As a CEO with a well establish online presence there is a considerable amount of social good that can be done aside from economic benefits.

Steps to Take When Trying to Establish an Online Presence

In order to establish a solid online presence the CEO will need to seek out the help of an expert in this field. The Internet is very complex and without the right support the CEO will not be able to create the online presence they want to attain. A very important rule to keep in mind when trying to establish this online presence is to keep the message simple and to the point. By following that approach the CEO stands a better chance of succeeding.

When a CEO builds a solid online presence they are helping their organization gain a competitive edge over their rivals so this is something that should be embraced and leveraged.

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