Why Do We Love Social Media?

By , Published November 8, 2014


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Sometimes, we just keep doing things for the sake of doing them. Or they are so incorporated to our routines that we simply forget why we do it.

I’m sure most of you thought about cancelling at least one of your social media profiles. For information overload, exposing your life too much, having to stay out for studying, re-evaluating strategies… But anyway, we always get back for some reason.

I made some quick research in some blogs and social media, and among my Groupiest fellows and these are main reasons we found:

Easy to access, easy to use

From desktop, from mobile… no wonder people spend so much time there. Saves people from boredom while commuting, provide people with things whenever they are.

The fastest way to get the news

Now we barely see news or read newspaper. Most of the important things announced arrive first in Social Media. Or we see a joke about it in Social Media and search about it.

News about anything

And we’re talking about any news, from general to your most favorite niche topics. And of course, about your friends and family.

The best thing is to be able to discover and follow new topics and trends and amazing work people and companies are doing.

So many useful things to discover

In Social Media, depending on who you follow (this includes people, media and brands), you can get lots and lots of interesting, beautiful and useful information.

People spend so many hours in social media. It’s natural that they spend their time engaging with interesting content. It’s the fuel for our offline conversations and to appear cool in our profiles and in our friend’s timelines/ news feed.

It’s a great way to learn about multiple subjects. because even if it’s in another platform, if it’s interesting, it will be eventually shared into Social Media

It’s kind of addictive

As you can see in this very instructive media by ASAP Science, if you didn’t see it before

No geographic borders

The world is your oyster. You don’t pay more to reach (and talk to) your friends and followers if they are located in another country.
Actually how you reach your customers only changes because of the changes some social networks decide to apply to everyone.

In summary, good contents, some addition and the multiple possibilities keep us online and engaged with our friends and favorite brands. What about you, why do you love Social Media?

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