Why Do I get Served THOSE Facebook Ads?!

  • By  January 15th, 2016

    Have you ever wondered … why do I keep getting served “X” Facebook ads?

    We all know it’s based on data collected by Facebook by different sources….but did you know that you can see, and remove some of the categories Facebook thinks you’d be interested in?

    Simply follow these steps:

    1. When logged into Facebook, go to your Settings:


    2. Click on “Ads”


    3.Then Click on “edit” under “Ads Based on My Preferences” and click “Visit Ad Preferences”



    4. Voila!


    From in here, you can see all the categories & things that Facebook thinks you care about. You can even remove certain topics — Although Facebook may add them back in later if you continue to talk about certain topics

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    Why Do I get Served THOSE Facebook Ads?!
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