Start Your Business Confidently With The Build-A-Startup Course Bundle

January 15, 2016


Starting your own business is a daunting prospect, with considerable risk. The potential rewards are great for budding startups, as you might be the next big success story, but the potential for loss is also massive. You can stack the deck in your favor, however, with the Build-A-Startup Course Bundle – a great place to start for any aspiring entrepreneur. Usually, access to these seven courses would cost over $ 1,000, but for a limited time it’s available for just $ 29 on the B2C Shop.

Getting off the ground as a start up can be difficult, but this bundle of courses has the information you need to do it. In total, this deal offers access to seven courses spanning many different useful skills to anyone looking to start their own business. Learn how to get started with the basic skills to code and create your product, then learn how to network and connect with the people who can help you turn it into a real business. There’s a course for every step of the way, with over 75 hours of actionable content.

You’ll receive top-level instruction on the first-step fundamentals: researching and developing your idea, choosing a name, securing legal representation, and more. Everything from developing a strong pitch to making a sales call is covered, as well as the ins and outs of project management, development, press relations and more.

This is a massive deal that applies as a direct investment in yourself. If you’re ready to get your startup up and running, you can get the Build-A-Startup Course Bundle on sale for just $ 29. That’s 96% off the retail price for this collection of courses on the B2C Shop.

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