Which Twitter Metrics Make Sense for You?

January 20, 2016

Twitter is a social platform that lets you have a live conversation with your audience. But how can you find out whether your marketing tactics are working?

Even if you are not a social media manager, it is important that you monitor your activities on Twitter everyday to figure out what is working and what is not.

Twitter Analytics let you monitor your metrics everyday, which in turn will help improve Twitter engagement and growth.

Let’s take a look at some of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will help in measuring the success of your Twitter marketing:


Retweet is reposting tweets you find interesting. When you get a lot of retweets, it indicates that your tweets are resonating with your audience. This in turn can help you learn more about the kind of tweets and hashtags that work with your followers.

Retweets are also important because your followers retweet your content to their followers who are not a part of your network, and there are chances of a new network of people following your account.


Tweets by other people that include your Twitter handle are called mentions. When the number of mentions on your Twitter account is high, it means that a lot of people are engaging with you.


Your followers can also like your tweet instead of retweeting it. The tweets that have been liked get added to the users’ ‘liked tweets’, which can be seen by their followers. You can conclude from the number of likes whether your tweets are working with your audience or not.

Link Clicks

Just getting a number of retweets and likes doesn’t mean that your tweets are doing well if no one is reading what you are tweeting. Link clicks will let you know how many people clicked on the URL you shared. It would also give you insights into the type of content that is drawing traffic from your followers.

Follower Growth

If you need to make an impact on Twitter, you will need a good following, A larger following ensures your tweets reach a larger number of people. Hence, monitoring your follower count is very important.

Make a note of how many followers you gain every day. This will help you track your follower growth over a length of time.

Tools like Crowdfire and WhoUnfollowedMe can help you do this with ease.

The mistake most brands make is just focusing on the follower growth and missing out on the other metrics.

If your objective is to create brand awareness and increase visibility, follower growth, mentions and link clicks are the metrics you should focus on. In case of engagement, you should be looking at retweets and likes. Understand what your objectives are and start monitoring your metrics on a daily basis so that you can improve your marketing tactics.

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