What’s Big in Website Design for 2018

— January 25, 2018

A new year is the perfect time to think about shaking up your marketing techniques and one of the best ways to breathe a new lease of life into your brand is through updating your website design.

Like any other creative medium, website design trends are always changing. Something that looked modern and fresh (January 29, 2018) can look dated overnight. From fonts to images and everything in between, your website is a reflection of your brand and so it is important that you keep it looking the best that it possibly can be. This is why we have rounded up some website design trends that you need to keep your eye on in 2018.

Bold Typography

Big, bold and clear text is becoming a go-to design staple for many businesses. It makes it clear to any of your website visitors exactly who you are and what your brand is about, without any confusion.


Cinemagraphs refer to videos, animations or GIFs that run on a continuous loop on your webpage. They are a great way to bring your website to life and add a bit of interest to static images.

Vivid Layers of Colour

Bright colours are a huge trend for 2018 in both fashion and interior designs and website design is no different. Layering bold colours and textures within your website design is sure to make the screen pop and will ensure that you are remembered by website visitors. This use if layering will also add a bit of depth to your site layout rather than a flat design.


In 2018, more and more companies are turning to illustrators or graphic designers to create custom illustrations for their websites. Over the past few years, flat designs have been dominant in all aspects of graphic design but now detailed images are taking over. Adding illustrated touches is a great way to showcase your brand’s personality and to help you to set yourself apart from the market.

Geometric Shapes and Patterns

Patterns and shapes have constantly appeared in website design and over the past few years, geometric patterns have taken over the world of both graphic design and web design. In 2018, this trend isn’t going anywhere. However, forget grid layouts, strict measurements and structure. This year it’s all about organic shapes, giving your brand more personality and allowing you to let loose a little.

Hand-Drawn Fonts

Continuing the theme of personalisation, hand-drawn fonts are becoming more and more popular. Using these typefaces adds a personal touch and a bit more character to your website, which it is becoming clear will be a huge trend in 2018.

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