What Is HTTP/2 and How Will It Affect Your SEO

April 4, 2016

HTTP/2 has come as a boon for SEO specialists who know how to employ it to their benefit. HTTP/2 is much advanced than its predecessor. It resolves several issues which ultimately lead to efficient planning and strategizing on part of SEO teams.

How Will it Affect Your SEO

How is HTTP/2 different from HTTP/1.1?

The answer is quite visible in the load time of web pages. HTTP/2 is equipped with efficient tools and features which results in:

  • Less load time
  • Better browser-server communication

Needless to say website owners have started to employ this exciting development. The best part is that even if the upgraded version is not website compatible it downgrades to HTTP/1.1 without any glitch.

Earlier this year Google announced a change in its webmaster algorithm. The new refined algorithm supports HTTP/2 which ultimately results in efficient website and subsequently an improved user experience. It is quite expectant of SEO experts to make use of Google Analytics for online traffic monitoring. For better strategizing and tactics it is necessary to be informed about the traffic which an online website receives.

While it is a bit puzzling but the truth remains that not every Google Analytics feature is put to its use and is limited to few basic ones. If you are looking to optimize your business horizons here are some tactics that will help you improve:

Customized Dashboard
You can significantly ease your information search on Google Analytics menu by creating a customized dashboard. Create a New Dashboard which can store all the information that caters to your business requirements.

You can spot Dashboard option on top of the menu and create a New Dashboard. If need be you can also create multiple dashboards.

Worst Performing Pages
You want to convert every lead into a prospect customer. For an overall success of any website it is essential to monitor and make appropriate modifications on worst performing pages of a website.

To get the data for these pages go to the Behavior Tab in the Google Analytics menu. Click on the Exit pages under the Site Content Menu. You can gather much information about these pages which somehow tend to repel a prospect client. Once you spot these pages appropriate action can be undertaken which includes content modifications or design change.

Website Speed Evaluation
Considering the attention span of online users you cannot neglect the load time of web pages. It is few seconds which can make any visitor turn away from your website. Check out the Site Speed option under Behavior Tab.

Site speed provides with comprehensive insight regarding the fastest and the slowest loading pages. Also, with Speed suggestions Google Analytics gives important solutions to decrease the load time of slow loading pages.

Behavior Flow Analysis
Monitor the activities of the visitors and analyze the trend with Behavior flow. It generates the data by monitoring the pattern of every single visitor and their favorite son your website. So if you want to know what made them turn way or what is most appealing to a user you can access everything from Behavior flow tab.

Use Intelligence Events Alerts
Set up an intelligence alarm to be notified at times of some unusual activity which triggers a rise in web traffic. The benefit of setting up Intelligence Events is that you do not have to monitor your analytics 24/7.

For this go to Intelligence Events and click on Custom Alerts. The best part is that these alerts are real time which is triggered by website activity. You can set up automatic emails or text messages that can alert you for specified events.

In-Page Analytics
Not every link which you upload on your website gets user attention. Keep a tab of those links with In-Page Analytics. In-page analytics helps you monitor this aspect in percentages. This percentage is nothing but the amount of clicks it gets.

As other Google analytics feature you can easily use this feature. Just access the Behavior tab and go to In-Page Analytics which is at the bottom of the menu.

To hold advantage over your rivals it is necessary to employ all these Google Analytics Features. Once you get a hang of all the features you can use them to your advantage with much ease and expertise.

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