What Email Marketers Can Learn From Motorhead

  • January 7, 2016


    The music of British rockers Motorhead and its inimitable frontman, the late (great) Lemmy Kilmister, might not be to everyone’s taste, but few would disagree with the fact that rock ’n’ roll lost a true original with Lemmy’s passing on December 28, 2015.

    As a fan of the band (and rock music in general) I believe we as email marketers can learn a lot from Lemmy’s approach to business and life in general.

    No Sleep ’Til Email Engagement – 5 Things Email Marketers Can Learn from Motorhead

    1. A Solid Work Ethic: Motorhead didn’t believe in taking it easy. While the band’s contemporaries took extended hiatuses between albums and tours, Motorhead just got on with business. Over its 40-year career, the band toured extensively for at least seven months of the year before setting aside another two months for recording. Make no mistake, the most successful email marketers are the ones who work the hardest to plan, execute and follow up on campaigns. As an email marketer, you should never find yourself with nothing to do.
    2. Putting People First: Motorhead believed in looking after its fans. Lemmy never refused to give an autograph and the band would even provide dressing rooms at venues for its “super fans” who would follow them on tour. The band members understood if they looked after their fans, the fans would look after them. Email marketing is all about maintaining a solid relationship with the people on your list. Take the time to get to know your subscribers, give them what they want (with targeted and relevant offers) and they’ll stick with you.
    3. Solid Branding: Motorhead never changed its style of music or attire to suit current (and rapidly changing) fashions. While this might have infuriated many record label bosses, it certainly endeared Motorhead to an army of fans who stuck with the band through thick and thin. Your email campaigns need to be “heard” above all the noise of the inbox Solid branding in terms of your email templates and landing pages is a vital first step on the road to email marketing success.
    4. Collaboration: Motorhead and Lemmy collaborated with numerous artists ranging from British heavy metal stalwarts Girlschool and underground shock rocker Wendy O. Williams all the way through stadium fillers like Metallica and the Foo Fighters. Email marketers can build successful collaborations with any number of people including colleagues, clients, suppliers and industry thought leaders and other influencers.
    5. Rock Star Credentials: Lemmy’s rock star credentials go way back. Long before he formed Motorhead, he played in the seminal underground acid rock group Hawkwind. Prior to this, he was a guitar technician for Jimi Hendrix. (How much more rock ’n’ roll could you be?) As email marketers, it’s not our job to simply drive leads and sales. We are here to make people really care about our businesses and, as such, we’ve got to demonstrate that we truly believe in what we are doing.

    Do your email marketing campaigns rock? Could it be time to take a leaf out of Motorhead’s songbook and start making some noise? Share your comments below:

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