What Are the Keys to Success in Business?

“Consistency is the main key to success”

When we see someone successful in life, we are always quick to assume that they have a certain secret ingredient to their success. We think that a popular or successful person would be least bothered to tell others about the gateway to a similar success. Most people would be taken by surprise when they come to know that consistency is the key.

what are the keys to success

Usually, when we start a venture, most of us want almost immediate results. Life is not that simple. Although the word success may be one of the simplest words in the English vocabulary known to man—it is one of the hardest things to achieve in life. Now the answer to most people’s success would indeed be consistency. They were consistent with whatever plans they had in mind. The key to their success was indeed quite simple but the process was not.

It’s A Long Road To Walk

When we finally get to know that we have to be consistent, we realize we have to stick to the road day in and day out. Now, the road is going to be a long one with no other way than a straight path. The road might seem never-ending but one has to keep going even when they are out of juice. When a traveler is lost in a desert, he knows his way back from the footmarks of the camel that has strayed away from him—back to greener lands. While making his way back he will face several distractions in the form of mirages which might try to trick him and lure him away from his goal-reaching shelter. Before the traveler sees the face of another human being, he will see several lakes filled with the cleanest drinking water. But if he gives in to the early temptations he will get lost forever. Similar is the road to success. While the subject has to keep going consistently and he will find the key.

A lot of people start the journey to success, a few people are consistent at the beginning, a small portion of people are consistent till the end. If we look at the statistics, only 3 out of 10 people end up successful. We might wonder the reason behind that. If we take a deep dive and look at the past days—before the glory days of most successful people we will find out that they made a long-term commitment towards a single goal. For that, they had to repeat the same thing again and again.

You Cannot Stop!

As a small kid, Mike Tyson watched his all-time idol—the greatest to ever grace the boxing ring, Muhammed Ali get beaten up fair and square by Larry Holmes. Young Tyson cried all night, but he pledged to take revenge for his idol and mentor. Till the age of 21, Tyson kept training day and night and when he finally got the chance to square up against Ali’s old foe, he beat the living lights out of him.

There’s a famous quote by the young prodigy’s idol which translates as something very simple and yet very complex for some people. Ali quoted that he hated every day and every minute of training. The only thing that kept him going was the fact that he would be able to live the rest of his life as a champion. The diet, the workouts, the training sessions, everything was so repetitive, and yet he couldn’t give up. And this ideology translates to “consistency is the key” in simple words.

Imagine what could have happened if Mike Tyson gave up and quit after a day or two of training. Would he have beaten his opponent after all those years and get revenge for his mentor? The answer is no. We can try our best to take shortcuts but where will they lead us to?

It’s Really Up To You

Ultimately the goal is ours, and who are we working for? Ourselves. There’s no one to judge us for our deeds but our conscience because no one else is going to enjoy the fruits of our deeds when we finally walk through that stairway of success.

Most people get so close to their goal and then epiphany strikes them hard. There is always a feeling of getting less than we deserve. We should strive to keep giving our best even in those kinds of situations as there is no one to blame for the anomalies. With consistent efforts, everything will fall in place.

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