Use These Low Cost Methods to Increase Your Website Traffic

January 14, 2016
Low-Cost Methods to Increase Website TrafficLow Cost Website Traffic to Attract More Visitors = More Sales

Are you looking to increase your visitors, but don’t have a big budget?

There are many free or low-cost ways to attract an audience to your website’s landing page, and keep them coming back for more.

The biggest traffic generator is now social media, which has replaced organic search according to an article on the Shareaholic blog. Facebook is at the top of the list with Pinterest and Twitter climbing up the ranks:

Shareaholic Social Media Traffic Study

As business owners the digital landscape may seem overwhelming, especially if you don’t have access to a large budget and staff. But there are a few ways small businesses and entrepreneurs can tap into social media and other online resources for little or no cost:

Facebook Pages and Advertising Methods

If your business Page has been dormant or not very active now is the time to get things moving again. There are several newer features that can be used to share content, attract an audience, and network with other influencers. Not can you now create ads for both Facebook and Instagram, but you can also use Facebook Pixel to track your website subscribers, get insights on conversion from your ads, and build an audience.

Facebook Pixel

Make your Page work even more for your business by importing your email subscribers right into Facebook with its Custom Audiences feature. This tool also allows for the uploading of telephone numbers and user IDs in its mobile app.

Twitter ReMarketing to Increase Website Traffic

With the latest announcement from this large network of allowing a 10,000 character limit brands and businesses can continue to leverage this platform to attract readers to their content and build more visibility. Their ads platform also allows remarketing through its Website Tag feature. By installing their tag on your website you can focus directly on visitors who have expressed an interest in what you have to offer.

Twitter ReMarketing to Increase Website Traffic

Similar to Facebook is the ability to upload your subscribers for a Twitter ad campaign, which is called Tailored Audiences. This is done through their mobile app, and can encourage engagement through lists, website visitors, and mobile action.

Twitter Cards are another way to attract new subscribers, which allows for your tweets to include images and video with a direct connection to your website. There are several card types available, including a summary with a bold title and description; a prominently featured image; a directl download for mobile users; and a player card that allows for playback of audio or video.

Pinterest for Business

Now that this large social network has become a top player in website referrals it’s time to revisit this platform to find out how your business can showcase your content and products. Coming soon are Buyable Pins, which is currently being tested for large brands. Until then you can still install a pinning option to your website to encourage your visitors to pin your posts, which includes a live link. It’s important to include professional images or video that will stand out on Pinterest and encourage repins.

With the free business and analytics features you can track your website visitors and performance of your pins:

Pinterest Business analytics for website

Promoted Pins from Pinterest’s Ad program can also help give your conversions a boost as these can include relevant keywords and directly target your audience. The cost is per click on the ad, and has the potential to drive even more traffic to your website with more visible pins.

Instagram for Business

Brands and businesses have traditionally used this social network to attract a larger following online through eye-catching images and videos. The problem was that the only live link was included in a bio. Recently Instagram rolled out its own advertising program, which allows users to create ads on Facebook at the same time.

Now users can click directly from a post to a business website or sales landing page, which is allows you to tap into a large mobile audience of interested buyers. Three options are available, including images, video, and carousel or series of images.

Instagram ad formats

Start with these top social networks and watch your website subscribers start to climb. Once you have these methods dialed in consider adding more social networks, blogging, and live streaming events. Depending on who your audience is your business could begin a YouTube Channel optimized with your website and social media links, post an informative presentation on SlideShare, which also includes links to your website, or answer questions on networks like Quora and Yahoo Answers. The added benefit of posting to YouTube is cross sharing on Google Plus, which has a new design with additional community features that can help your business rank higher on Google Search.

Your business should also freshen up your LinkedIn profile, and make any necessary updates in order to attract new connections in your industry. This is a prime place for sharing your blog content, publish a post, create a branded company page, and attract new prospects.

When you include links on social media, host online events, contests, email campaigns, and include social sharing on your website your business can attract a larger audience and stand out in the search engines which ultimately means more sales.

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