Twitter advertisers to get stats on video performance

A partnership with Innovid gives Twitter video advertisers video analytics such as views, engagement and more.


A partnership of Twitter and video company Innovid is giving advertisers more useful data on video performance as posted on the microblogging site, it was announced today.

Innovid will be serving data analytics for ad performance on both mobile and desktop, inclusive of video views, viewability, engagement, time spent and more. This partnership recognizes Twitter’s emphasis on video, something that is being embraced heavily as of late.

The new arrangement will give Innovid’s customers access to rich video analytics data. In time, it is suggested that Twitter may open this partnership to other partners, according to a quote provided by Innovid CEO Tal Chalozin to Adweek.

Twitter is constantly homing in on video, which many suspect to be a big part of the upcoming media landscape. Facebook made a prediction earlier this week that your news feed will be “all video” in five years on the network. Twitter launched autoplaying videos last year. Twitter has also made a more recent announcement prioritizing pre-roll video with the company, stating they expanded VAST-compliant video ad capabilities and new marketer tools for automation via its API partners.