Top Mobile Ad Formats for Display Advertising Campaigns in Mobile Apps

Top Mobile Ad Formats for Display Advertising Campaigns in Mobile Apps

Top Mobile Ad Formats for Display Advertising Campaigns in Mobile Apps


Mobile ads are significant for advertisers because of which app publishers are immensely focused on their app monetization techniques. However, knowing the right ad format that suits the particular ad or communicates well with the audience is a must.

In this article, we have listed some of the top mobile ad formats for display advertising campaigns popularly adopted by app publishers.

1. Video Advertisements:

Today, Vlogs are becoming exceptionally popular. It is the ultimate way to connect with the mass audience. Keeping this platform in mind, app publishers have opted to exhibit video ads in their applications.

The reach of video ads on mobile apps is much more than ads played on television or seen on laptops, even though their engagement rate is very high. This makes in-app video ads suitable for app owners to be exhibited on their platforms.

Generally, a video ad runs for 15 to 30 seconds as the user taps on them. Being appealing, they can engage more users than any other format. A great example of the same is Instagram or Tiktok.

2. Banner Advertisements:

Banner advertisements are one of the most popular types of mobile ad formats to date. Also, it is very simple and effective. What makes them a popular choice is that they can be easily produced and deployed. Certainly, the success rate of mobile app banner size ads rests on brand acknowledgment.

The big brands can get an advantage from such ads as they do not have to fit more information because of market goodwill.

On the other hand, emerging companies can take advantage of android app banner size ads by infusing short and crisp content that explains their purpose to the users. Such type of content will save the time of the users and help them understand the purpose quickly.

3. Native Advertisements:

Native advertisements are a process that involves the optimum use of paid advertisements that matches the appeal and functional prospects of the media platform. They are the means of sending a company’s business message to its target audience in the most non-intrusive way. It can be designed in different forms and sizes.

The best thing about this ad format is that it syndicates marketing messages with content focused on the users’ needs. App publishers have identified it as the finest of all mobile ad formats. The reason is that native advertising influences the framework and significance of the content where it appears.

This form of advertising makes more sense to the users and evokes them to react favorably. So, you can opt for a native advertising platform to engage your target audience.

4. Interstitial Advertisements:

Being full-screen ads, interstitial ads are meant to cover the crossing line of their host application. These types of ads are exhibited at the general changeover points within an app like among continuous activities or the pauses amid levels of the game.

On seeing the ads, the user can either click on the ad or just close it and browse the app. This format allows companies to gain the undivided attention of their target audience.

Although, an interactive app will certainly behold the users’ attention for a longer time as compared to one without any engaging aspect.

5. Offerwall Advertisements:

Depending on the target audience to cater to, these advertisements can be interactive or stationary. They are exhibited inside a mobile application, which offers a lot of options for the users to stay engaged. In fact, mobile games can be the finest examples of their usage.

Definitely, OfferWall ads intend to publicize third-party games or a sequence of games created by the same developer. These ad formats are very engaging and connect users with the app publishers for favorable results.

6. App Open Advertisements:

The Open Ad format is for app publishers. This type of app helps to load screens and ensure maximum profit margins.

The best thing about this app format is that you can close them at any point. When the user uses the app — the display is shown at the front — this covers the branding space on the app and lets you see if the user is accepting the app or not.

7. Rewarding Advertisements:

These sorts of advertisements offer rewards to the users for the time spent on a particular application. This type of format is meant to bring great results for advertisers, publishers, and users. Indeed, the rewarded video-based ads enable publishers to make profits, while advertisers tend to get brilliant exposure for the target audience.

Wrapping Up:

It is the excellent process module of the app publisher that can boost the entire mobile’s growth. The need to make this platform engaging for users has enabled app publishing companies or SAAS companies to do a profitable job.

Be it about monetizing with Google, enhancing user growth, analyzing market intelligence, or optimizing ad revenues, app publishers are meant to handle tasks meticulously.

This is certain that mobile apps offer a dynamic and engaging environment for users. So, they make a perfect example of technology used to promote business-oriented apps.

With changing technologies, different types of mobile ads are gaining momentum. Although, it might be overwhelming to identify the best-suited ad formats for your apps.

Moreover, a single misplacement of these different mobile ad formats may lead to critical policy violations. It is the reason that mobile app publishers are opted for strategizing the online business on smartphones.

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