The Top Google Algorithm Updates – 2016 Version [Infographic]

August 29, 2016

Google, known for their efforts to give their users the most enjoyable and hassle-free search experience, rolls out several updates to improve the overall performance of its search engine. Though most of these updates are minor, there are some major updates that really shook up the search landscape, such as the Panda and Penguin updates.

Panda, which was released in 2011, has been helping Google to chase and shut down websites that produce low-quality content, and by far has affected up to 12% of the total search results in Google. Later that year, Panda’s impact to content was further emphasized as the “freshness update” was added to track down websites that aren’t posting or updating the content on their website regularly.

Another major update that brought big changes in Google search experience is the Penguin update. Released in 2012, Penguin’s primary task was to track websites that contain unnatural links or deemed to be obtaining links through various black hat SEO tactics such as link farming. Google has been using the Penguin update to penalize these websites, thus giving a fair slice to other websites in the search market.

However, these two major updates were toppled by the latest and most radical update that Google has ever implemented in its search engine history – the RankBrain. A machine-learning artificial intelligence aimed to improve long-tail and unique search queries, RankBrain has been affecting 15% of the total daily searches that are deemed ambiguous and unique. Furthermore, it quickly ascended as the third most important factor for ranking pages – only a couple of months after its released.

To someone who is doing SEO, these updates can certainly affect the way they do optimize their sites for Google. To have a better grasp on how these updates play a vital role in the SEO landscape, this visual guide by CJG Digital Marketing explains to us the most notable Google Algorithm updates and changes that have had the biggest impact on the search since the Panda update.


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Author: Jomer Gregorio