The Technology Budget Balancing Act: a 2015 E-Commerce Retail Business Scenario [Infographic]

  • February 17, 2015

    Mobility. Security. Social channels. Marketing and loyalty. Big data. These are but few of the most important aspects any business looking to achieve fame in the retail e-commerce world should take into account. In a world gone “gadget”, where does the e-commerce business model stand? Are companies really paying attention to what data and trends tell us?

    What We Think We Know

    According to sources, companies are shifting to a more a vertical market, by partnering up with complementary services. Not only that, but there is a clear trend towards going mobile through app development and enhancement. With “the gods” of the cloud still being the vendors, the startups are left to work hard in launching new apps and bringing innovation to “feed” the public’s hunger for better, more tech-enhanced tools.

    What We Actually Know – a Data Supported View

    Mobile – probably one of the most commonly used words in marketing and business in 2014, apart from “Okay” and “Public Relations“. Data shows that there is a harsh reality out there and a gap between what we think we know and what the reality actually looks like.

    #1. Retailers are implementing mobile strategies to help improve the overall shopping experience. 

    58% of retailers say that Assisted Selling is the most important in-store mobile capability. However, 59% of consumers believe that mobile technologies haven’t had an effect yet in retail shopping.

    #2. Retail industry must continue deliver security support. 

    29% of consumers don’t retails to keep their data secured. In 2014, payment card data breaches have been spotted in major retail players.

    #3. Payment is becoming more mobile. 

    58% of consumers say they don’t feel safe enough to switch to mobile payments. However, with Apple introducing Apple Pay, some changes will take place, increasing the usage of mobile payment options.

    #4. Retails need to be more present in social media, as consumers are already engaged in interaction. 

    69% of retails say they had a social media strategy in 2014. Even today, we still see 5 out 6 messages sent through social media ignored by brands.

    The Technology Budget Balancing Act

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