The Signatures of Tech Entrepreneurs (Infographic)

  • June 12, 2015

    I like to share interesting information of all sorts in this space, and today I want to have a little fun with it. This infographic, created by MyPrint 24/7, explores the signatures of some of tech’s top entrepreneurs and business leaders. By examining their signatures, we’re able to get a glimpse into their personality.

    For example, Tim Cook’s almost completely illegible signature supposedly demonstrates his quick and agile mind. In Steve Jobs’s case, there’s an upward slant that is believed to be indicative of ambition. Steve Wozniak uses his nickname as his signature, which can mean independence and self-confidence. Meg Whitman, of Hewlett Packard, ends her signature with a straight line that is said to demonstrate her drive.

    The infographic explores tech leaders from many of the big tech companies. Bill Gates gets a look – his signature is easy to read and balanced, which suggests a modest personality – as does Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Larry and Sergey from Google, and many more. Check out the infographic, then take a look at your own signature and see what lessons you think you can draw about your personality from your handwriting.

    Famous Signatures Infographic

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