The Most Social Media Savvy Mascots

September 13, 2015

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Every sports team has a mascot who makes their presence felt during home games. Some mascots have even taken to social media to share their great energy and personalities even when fans aren’t in the stadium with them. Check out these four sports mascots with winning social accounts.

Puddles The Oregon Duck

On Instagram: 22.4k followers
On Twitter: 54.4k followers

Puddles, the Oregon Duck, has become one of the most popular mascots in the world since the football team’s rise in 2010. People love the duck because of his game day antics and touchdown pushups. His Twitter account is a great extension of his personality. The Duck tweets Vine videos and photos of himself doing his typical Oregon Duck stuff, which has made him one of the most popular mascots in the country.

He gives updates on all things Oregon.

He also delivers plenty of great duck jokes.

Puddles’ great Twitter account keeps duck fans satisfied when they can’t see him on the sidelines during games.

Bailey from the LA Kings

On Twitter: 41.8k followers
On Instagram: 46.5k followers

The LA Kings primary twitter account (@LAKings) is known for having the best account in all of professional sports so it is no surprise that their mascot, Bailey has one of the most popular accounts among mascots. The Kings are known for having great comeback responses to people that hate on their team, and Bailey is great at that too. Bailey doesn’t just stop with his own team though; he defends and supports all of his fellow LA sports teams.

Screenshot 2015-09-02 11.41.12

Bailey never backs down from a fight and he never really loses them. Bailey also does lots of contests and promotions so his fans continue to be engaged even during the off season.

Mr. Met

On Twitter: 26.1k followers

Mr. Met is one of the most popular mascots in professional sports and his Twitter account is proof of that. He has 26 thousand followers, which is well above average for a sports mascot.

Mr. Met shows off his dedication to the New York Mets fan base by live tweeting every game and posting pictures of himself with his adoring fans.

Mr. Met also occasionally puts up sweepstakes and prizes on Twitter so his fans have even more incentive to follow him.

Mr. Met has the best social account in the MLB to go along with his reputation as one of the most popular mascots in the league.

Brutus Buckeye

On Twitter: 105k followers
On Instagram: 69k followers

Brutus Buckeye has a great social presence because of the amount of material he is posting every week. In any random week Brutus posts around 37 posts so his fans stay updated on the latest Buckeye news. Brutus promotes just about every Ohio State sporting event from lacrosse to football to basketball and everything in between.

Brutus also posts lots of goofy posts that are very typical of a mascot like this one:

Brutus has asserted himself as the most popular mascot in the country, and he makes sure everyone knows that when they check out his Twitter account. His profile picture even says so:


His Instagram and Twitter are both very popular, which is fitting for one of the most recognizable mascots in sports.

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