The Importance of A/B Split Testing on Landing Pages [Infographic]

  • April 25, 2015

    Landing pages are the most effective way to promote online ad campaigns and turn high quality traffic into leads. The way landing pages work is simple… before sending traffic to a registration page, you would send them to a landing page to warm them up to the offer while also showing them the benefits and features, so when they do hit the registration page, they are ready to take action.

    For affiliates and online marketers, landing pages have made a world of a different for running campaigns and finding profitability. It’s not just about creating landing pages, it’s also about split testing your marketing efforts to see what it working best.

    Here are just a few of the different areas that you would want to split test on your landing page.

    • Call to Action Text and Headlines
    • Landing Pages Colors
    • Submission Text and Colors
    • Form Placements / Required Fields
    • Photo, Video and Image Usage
    • Length of Content

    The important thing to remember with split testing is to only make minor changes during each split test. For example, you may change the color of your submission button between RED and GREEN. For each test you would want to have a few thousand visitors seeing each version before making a decision on which performs best.

    The infographic below, provided by, on A/B testing goes into this concept in detail.

    How to Realize the True Potential of A/B Split Testing

    While most online marketers and affiliates are using landing pages to increase their earnings and results, not enough of them are actively trying to improve performance and conversions as their campaign moves along. This is usually the difference between online marketers who are making hundreds per day and those who are making thousands of dollars per day.

    A good example of how important even the smallest fraction of a percentage can result in increased earnings can be seen below.

    • Landing Page 1: 1,000 clicks per day converting at 5% ($ 20 CPA) = 50 leads and $ 1,000
    • Landing Page 2: 1,000 clicks per day converting at 6% ($ 20 CPA) = 60 leads and $ 1,200

    As you can see… a 1% increase in conversions (which is actually 20%) can add up to an additional $ 200 per day on this campaign. Now scale that out over the course of a month and you could be looking at an additional $ 6,000 per month in revenue! ($ 200 X 30 days).

    If you don’t think these kinds of swings are realistic, just refer to the infographic below, where it says the average “A/B testing can increase conversion rates by more than 30%”…

    Looking for some tips to get started?

    How about a simple color test and how much of a difference a simple change can make.

    • Green – 25.4% sales life
    • Blue – Neutral across the board
    • Red – 14.8 sales decrease
    • Yellow – 454.38 sales lift!

    It’s not just the call to action buttons that can swing with a color change, it’s also the emotions of colors as well. For example “Black, great and white show professionalism” while “Purple and white are female-friendly” color schemes.

    At the end of the day, it’s all about testing different variations and seeing what works best. Sometimes the biggest results will come from simple changes that you thought weren’t going to make a difference at all!

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