The High Cost of Downtime [Infographic]

— August 5, 2019

There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds, but only 1 in 4 organizations feel prepared to handle such a breach of security. With how much we rely on technology, system monitoring is more important than ever. When systems fail or an unexpected power outage occurs, it affects people and businesses in ways that may be difficult to recover. Many large companies may be able to pay for protection, but what about the small to medium-sized companies who remain vulnerable?

In addition to our businesses, our homes are also at risk of the negative effects of a power outage, internet outage, or software outage. Our lighting, appliances, entertainment, and security systems could all stop unexpectedly working, leaving us to wonder what we would do without the technology we have become so reliant upon. The repetitive tasks that bore or inconvenience us are easily taken care of by our technology. It’s as if our computers have a brain of their own, able to adopt human skills such as pattern-recognition, language, and creativity. As the capabilities of technology expand, so does our reliance on it.

Maybe one day our computers will continue to advance and be able to maintain themselves, but until then it’s our job to keep our technology secure. Almost all of cybersecurity breaches are able to happen under our fingertips, with 95% of them resulting from human error. Some common subjects used as phishing attempts are toll violation notifications, required invoices, and updated building evacuation plans.

Technology has been beating us at our own games for decades. A computer has come ahead of championing humans in checkers, chess, and Jeopardy, and now we can use them to beat our cyber-attacks. With almost half of businesses not updating their security in over three years, it’s time to find a monitoring system that is accessible and affordable. With infrastructure monitoring, you can check on your servers, receive notifications and alerts, and keep your IoT devices at peak performance. Learn more about the importance of keeping your tech secure from the infographic below.

The High Cost of Downtime [Infographic]

Infographic Source: CloudRadar

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