The Evolution of Television – or – How Millennials are Changing the Advertising Game [Infographic]

— April 7, 2017

Oh, TV. You lovely mass of tubes, electricity, information, bleeps and bloops, canned laughter, and people getting hit in the groin. What ever would we do as a civilization with you around? Without TV, how would we ever have witnessed some of history’s’ most important modern events without having to actually be there? The moon landing. The collapse of the Berlin wall. The Wonderful World of Color. The first televised presidential debate. Jesse Spano’s freakout. We have a great deal to be thankful for as it pertains to that little box of joy pumping our brains full of moving images causing synapses and releasing endorphins. That said, it’s interesting to really look at how we got from the TV being an actual piece of furniture in someone’s home and scheduling dinners around shows, to being small enough to fit in your pocket, watch any show at any time, and basically say goodbye to advertising.

This infographic from Koeppel highlights the many ways in which TV has evolved over the years. It’s interesting, and not all that surprising, how different today’s millennials are versus even the generation before them. Number don’t lie though, and just to see the discrepancies versus Gen X and the millennials should be enough to make advertisers take note and adjust their gameplans across the board.

One number that particularly jumped out at me was the fact that 70% of Americans binge watch their favorite tv shows, with an average number of 5 episodes per “binge.” To me, that seemed low, as I will literally sit down and plow through as many episodes of Always Sunny as I can before my eyes turn to mush, or I’ve run out of gin & tonics. But that’s usually like 15 episodes. But again, numbers don’t lie!

Check out the below graphic for more…

The Evolution of TV

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