The Best Times to Publish on LinkedIn

— March 26, 2017

My company set up a new social media strategy at the beginning of the year. Indeed, we felt that our previous configuration no longer corresponded to our new business ambitions and wanted to bring more freshness to our networks.


To do this, we asked ourselves the following questions:

  • What messages do we want to share?
  • What resources should be allocated to our strategy?
  • What are the profiles of our community?
  • What type of content to share?
  • What KPI’s follow?
  • When to publish?

This last issue, which is our topic of the day, is one of the key success factors of a social media strategy. Even if your posts are tailored to your audience, they will underperform if you do not publish them at the right time.

Based on this assumption, we have carried out several test publications on our accounts and measured their performance. Then we crossed these statistics with the data of the clients we manage, in order to determine with greater precision the best moments to publish on each social network.


First of all, let us explain why we have prioritized Linkedin in our reflection. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, the timeline of the social networking professional is, for now, lighter and therefore more readable in terms of the amount of information. Even if this tends to change, on Linkedin you are not forced to multiply the publications to be visible. Sharing has a much longer lifespan than on other networks. It is common to see a publication several times, from the moment it reaches a certain level of interactions (like sharing, comments).

Aware of this strength, we automatically integrate Linkedin into the social media strategies we develop for BtoB activities, whether they are buying space or publications targeting organic traffic.

In addition to the visibility offered by Linkedin, this social network fits perfectly into an Inbound Marketing approach. Instead of “bothering” your prospects as they try to forget their work for a few seconds, like Facebook or Instagram, you offer them professional content just when they are looking for it. It is indeed a particularity of Linkedin, which is mainly used in a professional (curation, networking …). This directly impacts the connection peaks.


The results of our tests allowed us to draw several conclusions. First, we noted that our publications were given higher visibility when published in the morning (between 6 am and 9 am). An observation that seems logical because many professionals have the habit of doing their watch before arriving at work or failing, on the first hours of office.

The other observation we made is that the publication days are of particular importance. Indeed, only the most involved users are active on weekends and to a lesser extent on Friday. Linkedin is a social network aimed at professionals which are in fact, less used in the “off” periods.

To summarize, for my company, our best publications are from Monday to Thursday, from 6 am to 9 am. Of course, this is not a miracle recipe. Depending on your community and the targeted population, you may have different ideal publishing hours. The best advice we can give you is then to test yourself different schedules and compare the performance of your publications.

The reflection my company has had around Linkedin is far from being an accessory in your digital strategy.

This post references the experiences had by the author and his company and does not represent Business 2 Community.

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Author: Aashish Sharma

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