Take Your App to the Top this Holiday Season [Infographic]

— December 27, 2016

Christmas and the New Year may herald the holiday season for most people, but it undoubtedly is one of the best times of the year for app marketers to make the most of the unique opportunity that it offers. After all, the spikes in searches and purchases during this time are clear evidence of just how marketers can make a killing during this time of festivities. This fact is underscored more by the invaluable information you can learn from the infographic below.

It expounds, at first, on the observed spikes in downloads and installs of gaming and shopping apps that occur during the holiday season. The stats show as much as 175% and 150% increases for iOS and Android apps, respectively. It doesn’t take a seasoned app marketer to realize the golden opportunity that such a scenario offers. More proven facts about user behavior (particularly installs, purchases, in-app purchases, and other parameters) would be explained in a concise yet in-depth manner by the infographic.

It doesn’t stop there, though, for the infographic also takes the liberty to provide useful pointers that every app marketer who means to grab this opportunity should definitely take the time to read. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to have a starting point from which you’d get a clear notion of the procedures you need to employ, and all of the techniques listed in it are surely going to aid you in your endeavors.

For instance, did you know that apps that have undergone an update tend to rank higher? Indeed, most of these the steps you need to take simply requires a certain awareness of timing coupled with ensuring that your app is at its best come the week where Christmas and the New Year falls. The infographic is sure to make this known to you, as well as a host other prized nuggets of holiday app marketing information after you’re done reading it

Source: Dot Com Infoway


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