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November 4, 2015

Projects 2015Over the last few weeks, this phrase keeps hitting me over the head.

Too many people are always bringing up the past. I am hearing it in conversations at work and at different events. I am also learning more about people. Many people are stuck in the past. They reflect on all the great accomplishments they have achieved in their history. Some people can even account for work they did almost 20 years ago and how their work led to many accomplishments. These are the same people who are complaining about what is happening today and how they do not have the right people, time or resources. Or worse they blame others and the current economy for their troubles

This is such crap…

It is time to take charge. Please stop with the excuses already. Stop dreaming and articulating. It is time for some action.

This time of year we are entering the final two months of the year. Many people look at this time of year and have pretty much checked out for the rest of the year. I look at this time of the year as a time to step up and get the game plan in place to keep moving and pushing on new projects, marketing proposals and business initiatives.

It is a time to look at where I am personally and professionally and move ahead and push. Too many people want to settle in and take the last couple of months off. There is no time for slacking as far as I am concerned.

My goal is the following:

  • Review list of projects and initiatives that need to be completed.
  • Set deadlines – This is critical if any work will get done.
  • Update status of each project weekly. Identify issues and resolve them quickly.
  • Determine what the big picture is for 2016 and if the right foundation is in place. Planning Process.

What does your goal process look like for the end of 2015?

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