Successful Content Marketing Without Writing Any Content

By June 22nd, 2016


Successful Content Marketing without Writing Content? It’s Possible when You Follow These Tips!

Without a well-planned content marketing strategy, your business/blog/website won’t reach a great number of potential consumers. The creation and promotion of high-quality content remains an inevitable part of everyone’s plan for online marketing.

The task of producing a steady stream of impeccable, engaging, and attention-grabbing posts is not easy at all. Some people are simply not that good at writing, so they have to invest a great deal of money to hire professional writers. Is there any way to achieve great results through content marketing without devoting entire days to writing or paying a pro to deal with the posts? Read on; the following tips will really make your life easier.

1. Use Pinterest In A Way That Guarantees Results

Many people have the impression that Pinterest is all about fashion, shopping, recipes, and motivational fitness pics. They are wrong, because Pinterest is one of the most awesome content marketing tools for online promotion. In 2015, Pinterest had 47 million users, and that audience is expected to grow during 2016. The greatest advantage of this platform is that you can promote your products and services without making those posts look like ads.


Remember: you don’t just start a Pinterest profile and start pinning some images you like. You are a content marketer, so you need an actual strategy. Here is what you can do:

  • Start by analyzing the boards of your target readers, so you’ll see what makes them inspired.
  • Then, you’ll be able to offer something more awesome.
  • Instead of writing a post about a certain topic related to your business, create a series of images with simple instructions. Then – pin them to your board.
  • Be persistent with this strategy; when more people start repinning your pins, your online popularity will grow and your Pinterest activities will lead to tons of visits to your website.

2. Turn Attractive Content Into More Attractive Podcasts

Are you still ignoring podcasts with the excuse that audio content is old-fashioned? You’re missing a great opportunity to promote your business or website without bothering with writing. The Pew Research Center published a report that offers some convincing facts: One-third of Americans have listened to at least one podcast, and the overall awareness of podcasting is constantly increasing among the audience.

The important question is: how can you use podcasts as part of your marketing campaign? People won’t like wasting their time listening to promotions, but they will be happy to listen to what you have to say if you offer some actionable tips that will improve the quality of their lives.

  • Focus on the results they can achieve by visiting your website or using your products/services.
  • Help them learn something new with each podcast you launch, and tell them to share the results they achieve on your blog or social media profiles.
  • Make interviews with Internet celebrities from your niche, so you’ll get the podcasts promoted on their social media channels as well. That’s a nice way to attract more audience and encourage them to check out your website.

Podcasting doesn’t take a lot of effort if you invest in high-quality equipment and software. First of all, you need a great microphone.

You’ll also need a mixer, a digital recorder, headphones, cables, and professional software. When you think about it, hiring a studio for recording podcast may turn out to be a simpler and more affordable option.

3. Analyze Your Audience On Instagram. Then, Attract Them With Awesome Images

You’ll be surprised to see how Instagram can help you reduce the amount of content you write. The per-follower engagement rates on Instagram were 2.3% in 2015; that’s much higher than the 0.2% that Facebook users are getting.

When you promote captivating images and you build a solid base of followers, you’ll replace plain text with images and videos. The good-old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is truer than ever.


Needless to say, you need to use Instagram the right way if you want this strategy to yield good results.

  • Start by examining the activities of your competitors, but do not copy them under any circumstances. Your Instagram profile should have a recognizable vibe, so the viewers will immediately associate each new image with your brand.
  • Determine your goals. What are you going to use Instagram for? What target audience are you focusing on? Develop a strategy that will enable you to convert them into customers. That can happen when you discover their interests and you start offering what they want to see on the network.
  • Of course, you’ll need to launch really awesome images if you want to promote your online project in the best light. Get a nice camera and start taking photos on a daily basis. Practice makes perfect. With time, you will discover the right angle, shades, filters, and vibes that make you unique. Then, you can start posting the photos.
  • Post regular updates. People will forget about that pic they liked so much if you share photos once a month. When you’re trying to use Instagram as part of your content marketing strategy, you need to stick to a posting schedule.

4. Offer Detailed Information Through Infographics!

Are you wondering how to serve a great deal of information without writing a series of lengthy posts? Why don’t you try crafting an infographic? This type of content is great for offering many details in an easy-to-read form, so your audience won’t be bored when they read the facts, numbers, and other details. This is a win-win situation, since infographics take less time to create when you compare them to elaborate textual content.

Here are some tools that will support the design of your awesome infographics:

You can experiment with all these tools when you’re creating your infographics, but try to maintain a recognizable style and create the following projects with similar designs, colors, and shapes.

  • Incorporate statistics, icons, colors, images, drawings, and other visual elements into the infographic. Make the text as brief and as clear as possible.
  • Don’t forget to include your logo and a link to your website in the infographic itself.
  • How can you convert the audience into customers through infographics? Show how useful your products, services, or website is through precise statistics! Show the results your previous customers got, but present them in numbers and figures.

5. Use Periscope For Answering Questions And Getting Feedback

The Q&A section at your website is important, but it’s also one of the trickiest types of content to write. You have to make everything clear for the visitors, but they will still have some questions you can’t predict. That’s why Periscope can complement your content marketing campaign.

Live streaming is great for enhancing the effectiveness of your customer service department, but it’s also a great way to promote your brand through marketing messages.


Another great way to use Periscope is for getting feedback from your customers and responding to their comments. They will trust you much more when they know they can share their opinions via live streaming, since they will be free of doubt that you would delete or ignore their comments.

When you improve your transparency through Periscope, your content marketing campaign will get a whole new dimension of effectiveness.

  • You need great, humorous personality in order to look cool on Periscope. If you don’t think you can handle it, it would be best to hire someone and train them to present your brand through the network.
  • Periscope is all about personality. You can’t turn the stream into a commercial for your brand. Just be natural and talk to your audience.
  • Practice will make you perfect. You can first inform few of your friends about your Periscope sessions, so they will share some tips for your improvement. When you gain the needed confidence, you can start connecting with a wider audience.
  • Use Facebook, Twitter, and other media to inform your followers that you’ll be on Periscope. Invite them to join the fun.

6. Educate Your Audience Through Webinars

If you still haven’t attended a webinar related to your niche, you should do that as soon as possible. Once you get that experience, you can start planning your own webinars.

  • Instead of writing lengthy pieces of content to help your audience learn something or find solutions to their problems, you should simply organize a webinar and provide high-quality training that will encourage the participants to take action.
  • A webinar is just like a real-life presentation; the online difference is in the online streaming. You will surely have to write an outline and plan the things you are going to say, but you don’t have to bother with writing a detailed script. When you have a broad outline, you can let your personality shine and go with the flow. As soon as your audience sees how awesome you are, your status as an authority in the niche will be elevated.

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Successful Content Marketing Without Writing Any Content

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