Strategy for LinkedIn Stories

Strategy for LinkedIn Stories

For those of you who are not aware of it yet, LinkedIn Stories are here and in my humble opinion, they’re here to stay!

Why do I say this?

Because I’ve seen the massive utilization of these 24-hour (image or video) updates in other platforms such as Instagram and I see no reason why Stories won’t be a massive success on LinkedIn as well, provided we keep it all professional.

The question is, will you be an early adopter of LinkedIn Stories and thus stay ahead of competitors / peers in this respect?

Let me help you do so!

Here we go:

Like in every strategy one of the first things we need to do when considering LinkedIn Stories is to clearly define our unique target audience as well as what we wish to achieve by approaching this target audience.

Once we’ve done that, we need to carefully consider what type of content will pique the interest of our target audience. Providing genuine, helpful & valuable content that will showcase our authority / exempt our credibility in our professional field is crucial, and something which will increase the KLT (Know, Like & Trust) factor of the way our audience sees us.

Let me give you some examples of Content Topics for your LinkedIn Stories, which you can use as per your unique circumstances / unique target audience and professional goals:

  • Question(s) for your professional network’s advice on a subject OR even requests for an introduction to relevant professionals.
  • Conversations/experiences related to your work-life, business, and/or career.
  • Tip(s) of the day.
  • Content while attending an event (offline/online).
  • Company News.
  • Your Hiring needs.
  • New Awards / Certifications.
  • Announcing “Coming soon….” Content.
  • Client Testimonials Screenshots.
  • Motivational Quotes (in Image or Video Format)
  • Presenting your latest (permanent) posts (with a link to one of your articles for example) in a more creative way thus amplifying their reach.

Moreover don’t forget to interact with those who engaged with or even watched your Stories who consist of your target prospects, so as to begin a conversation with them.

I can’t stress enough the aspect of providing value to your target audience through your Stories as well as always remembering to speak the Professional “Language” of LinkedIn. It should be common sense for LinkedIn users but I’m going to mention this anyway: just because this is Stories doesn’t mean that we have to be less serious / less professional in our approach and begin to post about the “spaghetti Bolognese” we had for lunch, posting personal photos or even worst begin talking bad about people like our boss or a previous employer for example. Think of it this way, refrain from posting things you wouldn’t be comfortable with your boss or your professional network viewing.

So, are you utilizing LinkedIn Stories yet? And if yes, are you taking full advantage of their super powerful capabilities? Let us know about your experiences so far!

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