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  • May 14, 2015


    Social media can be made easier, as long as you are equipped with the clever technologies that allow you to be a social hero. If you are using social media professionally such as for your brand, or maybe even for channel marketing, I have prepared 4 programs I personally use for my company, purechannelapps. It’s about time someone revealed their secrets.

    And by all means, if you have anything you would like to add, please comment and share your little secrets too.

    TweetDeck well this is for Twitter users. If you are managing more than one account, it allows you to see and manage all of these at once. Very handy to ensure that you do not miss out any important updates. Of course you can still interact and do all the usual function on Twitter plus it is completely free, so is a great program for all budgets! It just makes life that bit easier. Well it does for me.


    Socialbro This is a program I have just started using, but I love it. It used to really get on my nerves when followers would just keep dropping off for no reason and I just couldn’t understand it. This program however allows you to see who you are following, who are your active followers, as well as who you should be following, unfollowing and who to target. If you want to focus on a particular target market, this is the program for you.


    Personally, I aim to attract channel marketers, and those who may be interested in the products that I offer. This program allows me to simply search for keywords that match my target audience.

    From this a list is produced of users who match this criteria. I can then produce an even more targeted list, by selecting their influence level, followers’ and tweets per day. A magical list will then be produced of connections within this group. It’s amazing! I can then view their profiles to find out a little more about them as well as select to follow these individuals on Twitter directly from this program. This saves significant time having to later find and follow them.

    This program offers  a 15 day free trial. However after this time you can then choose the free plan, which includes the basic features or opt for a paid plan. It is up to you.

    socialondemand This is a program I actually offer, so obviously I am a teeny bit biased but it really is the best product for marketers who operate within a channel and work for those who sell directly. It allows brands to create content that they can then push out to their advocates, whether that be employees, resellers or other influencers. All you have to do is either click share or edit the post title, and this will then get shared to all of your connections (your customers).

    By clicking share, content will go out to all your social media accounts. Think about your potential reach. This is a fantastic way to get your brand out to a wider audience. You will not only make it easy for advocates to share your content but also your brand message will not get diluted as they will be sharing content that  you have created. Free trials and demonstrations are offered for this product.

    It’s definitely worth a try.


    Trend spotter

    This is fantastic program for those of you who are looking for trending content to post to your social media accounts. As I am sure you will agree it is crucial to share a variety of content that your target audience is interested in. The question really is what else can I share other than the posts that promote my own brand? Well this program would be great for you.

    All you have to do is type in keywords e.g. channel marketing, and a list of posts appear that match this search term. You can then share these appropriate posts to your target audience.

    It also gives you a score with how trending particular topics are. Nifty I know. You can also search for appropriate Twitter lists as well as popular generalized topics. This allows you to always be in the know with the latest trends, and interesting topics of conversation. Yes, you do have to pay for this program, but why not try the free trial first and see how effective it is for you.


    Sometimes it is nice to hear recommendations from others; to see what they use, and whether these would actually work for you. So here you go. Enjoy! Please do let me know if you have also benefited from using these programs, or in fact if you have any of your own secrets you would like to add to the list.

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