SMB Content Creation Checklist – 8 Strategic Steps to Consider [Infographic]

January 28, 2016

Creating content is easy. It is creating content with relevance and value that is difficult, more so sustaining it. With great content comes great effort, time, knowledge, energy, and resources. While some entrepreneurs have managed to juggle content creation with the tasks of running an entire enterprise, other business owners cringe at the thought producing one.

We can’t blame them. Consistently generating engaging content is truly hard, particularly if you are not so good at writing. Add the pressure of producing something your prospects will appreciate and like, content creation can really be intimidating.

In this checklist, we list 8 cool steps that will help you think strategically about the contents you develop, curate, and market, so you can take your brand to the next level.

1 – Get Inside Your Customer’s Head

Content Production is the time to set aside your thoughts about your business and instead, think like a customer. Identify the type of content your audience love to read, share, and comment on. Neil Patel, a top web influencer and online marketer, suggests using Facebook’s Insights or Twitter’s Research.Ly to understand your reader’s interests. These tools “will help you identify what your potential readers are interested in,” he writes.

2 – Be Useful and a Reliable Source of Information

Instead of centering on your products or your brand, focus your efforts on creating a highly engaging content. See to it that the content is providing insightful, factual, and interesting information. It’s a plus if the content is able to answer or solve your audience’s pain points. Always aim to create share-worthy pieces that even other industry leaders will find helpful.

3 – Compliment the Copy with Visuals

In Facebook, shared content with images reportedly gets over 94 percent more views and engagement than posts without photos or any visual content. That alone proves that incorporating images in your content whenever possible is very important.

Want more? Check the infographic below now!


Embedded from CJG Digital Marketing.

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