SEO: What’s All the Fuss About?

December 19, 2015

Surely you’ve heard of SEO at this point … Search Engine Optimization, but you may be wondering do you really need to be concerned about it. In a word, the answer is YES! Having a focus on SEO for your business is important because the result of a strong SEO focus is a good ranking on Google, ranking on Google, ranking on Google – can you tell how important that is?!!!

When people do a search on Google you want your business to come up as high as possible in the search results. Why? Because you want these people searching to become your customers, and if your company doesn’t even come up in their search, or comes up so far down the list that they never even see it, then you have no chance of that individual becoming a customer. It’s really as simple as that.

In addition, as individuals do searches and they consistently see your company coming up in different searches, your company name will start to create an impression on them. “Oh, I saw that company before when I did a search on XYZ, and now when I did another search using similar terms but not the same ones they came up again. Hmmmm that company may be worth checking out.” It’s true. When you see a company over and over again, you realize that firm means business. Even if your firm is small it gives off a larger business impression.

And lastly, SEO is more or less a passive way to market. You’ve set everything up so your business will come up high when people are searching for something your business provides, and you’ve done that through a well thought out SEO strategy. That’s it. You don’t have to sit and make cold calls, go door to door, send out flyers, etc. (not that you can’t do those things as well!). But this SEO component is an important part of marketing that really makes your life easy.

Never underestimate the importance of coming up high in a search on Google. By implementing SEO into your website, you are incorporating a critical component in your overall marketing plan.

Stay tuned through the rest of the week to learn more about how to start implementing SEO initiatives on your website.


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