Quick Startup Guide to Starting an Online Business

July 25, 2015

Starting an online business from ground up can be quite a challenge. Even if you had a brilliant idea and offer excellent products or services, you still need to put in a lot of work, time and sometimes even money in order to set the wheels into motion. But, what to do when the funds are limited?

Define your target public

You live and breathe your products, wishing every single person in this world will love them too. Well, if you want your online marketing strategy to be successful, it’s time to be realistic! Most probably, there will be those who are not interested in your product, and they are not worth wasting your money on. Instead, orient your efforts towards those who are most likely to buy your product. Later on, you can try to expand your market share, but for the time being, it’s best you formulate a rather strict definition of your target public.

Optimize your website

 If you decided to start an online business, you should be aware already of the power search engines have nowadays. So, if you want your online store to have a good organic performance and attract visitors through search, the best thing to do is to optimize it. For a better understanding of the search engine optimization techniques, you can start with the list of SEO terms here. Make sure you start with a proper keywords research and that measure the effects periodically.

Use the power of social media

Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter are huge nowadays. This is where people connect with each other, but also where they get informed about what is going on in the world. Use these platforms to attract new fans and turn them into loyal brand ambassadors. Make sure you post regularly and that you pick your content very carefully so as to get many shares and promote your products.

There are many theories related to the way social media networks function and how people behave when entering each of them. Not all social media platforms are right for any kind of business, and not all times are equal when it comes to posting. For instance, studies have shown that a Facebook post every two days is the right frequency, while Twitter requires a lot more investment with a few posts a day, throughout the week.

Define your KPIs 

The world is open for you to conquer it, it’s true. However, building an online business from scratch most often means making baby steps towards the final goal. Therefore, it is advisable you draft a sane business plan and define your expansion stages carefully. Think about the KPIs you will use to measure your success and read the results periodically, drawing the right conclusions and formulating them as action items. Always remember that a business plan is just that: a plan. It’s not a rigid frame and it can be changed accordingly, depending on the market factors influencing your business’ growth.

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