Pinterest Launches In-Pin Search To Help Users Pinpoint Specific Items

A new in-Pin search tool will be a major boon for users looking to find a specific item — No search queries required.


Pinterest is currently the unequivocal social source for design inspiration. However, many times, users can be left looking for more after they find a look or style they want to replicate. What type of shoes is she wearing? Who makes that lighting fixture? Where can I buy that couch? Well, Pinterest has unleashed a potential solution.

A slick new in-Pin search feature is now available that allows users to focus on one element and search Pinterest for specific results on the isolated image. This allows users to choose just one portion of the original pin and get more granular detail on that item:

A user can simply click on the small search icon in the upper right and then drag to select the desired portion of the image. Once an item is identified, users can then filter the search results further by topic. The search works by leveraging similarity scores across billions of Pins in a fraction of a second.

With this powerful tool, users find the actual products that pique their interest, with no textual input required. This feature has been rolled out on the web and apps, so look for it today.

For more information, see the official Pinterest Blog or the official white paper from Pinterest’s engineering team on how similarity scores work [PDF].

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