Pinterest announces clean room partnership with LiveRamp

The new clean room will be used to help activate Albertson’s retail media network.

AT CES, Pinterest announced a partnership with LiveRamp Data Hub to create clean rooms for advertisers on the visual discovery platform.

The first advertiser on board is grocery chain Albertsons. The retailer will use the new Pinterest clean room to support its retail media network (RMN), called Albertsons Media Center.

Why we care. Our recent RMN predictions indicated that more advertisers will be looking beyond on-site retailer channels for their RMN campaigns. 

Using the Pinterest clean room in collaboration with Albertsons Media Collective, other brand advertisers will be able to find existing Albertsons customers on Pinterest before they’re in a store or engaging with Albertson’s owned digital channels.


Expanded reach and measurement. Albertsons will pilot the clean room technology with a winter healthy eating campaign, and will leverage key reporting metrics like return on ad spend (ROAS).

“As the industry evolves, we will remain proactive with solutions that add value for marketers while maintaining trust with consumers,” said Bill Watkins, CRO at Pinterest. “Together with LiveRamp, Pinterest is invested in expanding the possibilities for brands like Albertsons to help them better understand and measure the impact of their campaigns.”

“We believe using clean rooms can provide our clients with the data they expect to make informed decisions about their advertising in a privacy-preserving manner,” said Kristi Argyilan, SVP retail media, Albertsons Media Collective. “While our initial test pilot focuses on enabling closed-loop measurement, this partnership will ultimately provide our team a more holistic view of our customers’ digital footprint to unlock more advanced measurement capabilities, like incrementality and MTA (multi-touch attribution), down the road.”

Clean rooms expanding across RMNs. As more RMNs appear on the scene, they’re leaning on the data capabilities of clean rooms to securely activate data in a privacy-compliant way.

“Data clean rooms enable brands to cross-match anonymized, aggregated data without actually revealing any personally identifiable information or allowing access to the data outside of the clean room,” said Hugo Loriot, partner at technology consultancy 55.

Clean room availability will take a leap forward when Amazon’s recently announced AWS Clean Rooms roll out in the coming months. This service will allow media partners and advertisers to cross-match data in a clean room they can set up in minutes.

“Amazon is the new (and improved) Google,” said Eliza Nevers, Chief Product Officer for data management and identity company Lotame. “While the latter holds its death grip firmly on the ad products side of the business, Amazon not so quietly builds up an ever-growing tech stack to cover every and all marketing needs. Talk at its Unboxed conference celebrated its clean room capabilities. As the leading retail media network, there’s ample cause to celebrate.”

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