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If you sell door to door, you know that getting in the door is the most important challenge you face. You have only seconds to make them want to talk before they close the door. Worse yet, most door to door sales training was written long ago when people had more time and were more friendly. It just does not work in today’s market.

I get more questions from students about how to get ion than on any other door to door sales training topic. That’s why I created a new and powerful product – Door To Door Sales Training – The Power To Get In.
This program explains the steps you need to follow to write openings that work. We reveal it all in easy to follow steps. Then, we give examples from several industries including solar equipment, Cable TV, Home Security and Roofing do you can see how to adapt the principals we discuss to any product or service.

One technique we explain is how to give the prospect something of great value so they will want to invite you in to take advantage of your offer. The days of expecting people to be so happy to see your wares are over. Those techniques worked when some items were hard to find in stores. Now, people can get anything they want on line or in most stores, so they are probably not going to let you in to “see your new line of….”
Offering savings doesn’t work at the door either because it is too early in the sale. They don’t want your product enough to care how much they can save.

The Power To Get In shows you how to think like your customer and put yourself in their place as you create openings that lower buyer resistance before you start to sell and gets you in the door far more often.

Getting in the door is what makes money. Most of us can sell once we get in. If you want to get into more doors, get the first advance in the theory of opening in 20 years. If you make a living selling door tod orr, don’t go out without “The Power To Get In.