Mini Pig Meets Popcorn And The Results Are Adorable

August 1, 2015

Oscar the Pig


Mini pig Oscar turned three months old and his owners thought they should celebrate by letting him try popcorn for the first time. They decided to capture his first taste of the movie theater favorite and the results are incredibly adorable.

“Since we didn’t want any salt, butter, or oil on his popcorn, we air popped it by putting corn kernels in a brown paper bag and microwaving it. It was quick and easy, and now we have a new treat we can give him,” Oscar’s owner wrote on “Now that Oscar is 3 months old, we have our routines down and are really enjoying him. We are seeing his personality more; he is fun to have around the house and constantly entertains us with his curiosity.”

Watch how quickly Oscar runs to grab the special treat when he realizes its available for him to chow down on.

“Oscar constantly keeps me on my toes because, frankly, he’s quicker to outsmart me than our dogs. This means I have to work to stay a step ahead of him. Also, unlike dogs, pigs don’t go out of their way to please humans or work for affection, so that means coming up with creative ways to make sure Oscar is well trained and behaved,” the mini pig’s owner reveals.

Kind of makes me want a mini pig, what about you?

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