Meta rolls out genAI features for advertisers

Current and upcoming tools in Ads Manager’s Advantage+ creative suite aim to cut down on creative production time for scaled-up campaigns.

Meta rolls out genAI features for advertisers

Today, Meta introduced new genAI-powered features allowing advertisers to automate the creation of text and images in ads on the company’s social platforms.

New tools and features will be added incrementally, but the aim is to have them available globally by the end of the year.

The company also announced Meta Verified for Businesses, a multi-tiered subscription service for businesses to help build credibility with customers.

Why we care. New genAI tools abound in the marketer’s toolbox. They account for a large portion of new solutions in the latest Martech Landscape. But how is the technology being used by marketers? The introduction of genAI capabilities in Meta’s Ads Manager will make the tools accessible to many marketers at agencies and brands in the coming months.

GenAI images and text. All new genAI tools will be found in the Ads Manager suite through Advantage+ creative.

Image generation. Tools available now in Advantage+ creative generate variations on existing creative. Marketers can also use tools to change backgrounds around images, or stretch out the image to fit multiple parameters. For instance, image expansion is now available to fit images on Reels and Feed across both Instagram and Facebook.

Meta rolls out genAI features for advertisers

Image: Meta.

Automatically making variations cuts down production time, allowing marketers to serve multiple versions of creative to specific audience segments. The advertiser can also select different text overlays to go with each version.

In the coming months, users will also be able to create images from text prompts, according to Meta.

Text creation. The current text creation tool creates variations on ad headlines and body text. Meta is also testing the ability to create text that fits specific brands’ voice and tone while suggesting key selling points to include in the ad’s message, according to the company.

Meta rolls out genAI features for advertisers

Image: Meta.

Upcoming text features will be built with Meta Llama 3, the latest large language model (LLM) introduced last month.

No political ads. None of these genAI tools will be made available to political campaigns, Meta stated.

Meta Verified for Businesses. The company also announced a four-tiered program for businesses that helps establish trust with customers. Meta Verified for Businesses is now available in New Zealand and Australia, and rolling out to other countries in the coming months. Introductory one-year subscriptions are priced from $ 14.99 to $ 349.99, depending on the level.


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