Make Quick Money Online – How To Create Automated Income With Internet Affiliate Programs

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If you are familiar with internet affiliate programs then you know its power and potential to make you quick money online. A successful campaign requires 2 main ingredients. Quality traffic and a super tight sales process that will funnel your traffic leads into sales. This article will cover how to create a super tight sales process.

Setting this right will save you a lot of wasted effort in bringing quality leads to your landing pages only to find out that they don’t convert into sales. You need this solid foundation in place so once that ground work is set you can focus all of your time and energy into one singular focus. Driving quality traffic into your offers.

But first lets pick the right product to promote.

How do you pick the right product?

Lets take digital products from ClickBank as a popular example. It is very easy to see which ones are selling well in the niche topic that you are interested in. If you are trying to promote products in the health niche, you can search in that category or type in the general keyword in the search box to get a selection on the very best product to promote. You can sort the products in order of popularity, percent in commission, or gravity.

Gravity is a number representing a unique calculation by ClickBank that takes into account the number of different affiliates who earned a commission by promoting this product over the past 12 weeks. A good gravity number to go by is above 30.

Once you’ve picked our winning product, now we need a sales funnel that we put your customer leads into to give you a good chance at winning the sale. A very powerful way to do this is to incorporate a pre-selling video that offers a free high value information product as a give away in exchange for their contact information.

This will do 3 things:

1. Build your list and build a relationship

2. Several chances to make the sale through follow up contact

3. Long term income by selling related products or eventually your own products.

What happens after they opt in and get your free give away?

Your prospects are then funneled into a sales process. It’s a give and take relationship. You give them high value content in a form of pre-set email messages that gets sent regularly and you get a few of them to respond warmly to your offers.

With this in mind, a good autoresponder message series is an important part of your sales funnel. Having this in place and sent to them immediately will keep your offer fresh in their minds. If you wait too long, they will forget who you are and will likely think your email is spam. So send those messages right away. Every day in the first 3 days or every other day is good enough for the initial contact. Make sure those messages have valuable information and not just hard sells. Set this up first so your messages can keep selling for you on autopilot.

This will then free your time to focus all your efforts towards the one thing you can’t do without. Getting high quality traffic to visit your offer.

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