Maintaining Your Brand’s Humanity with Automated Marketing

— November 22, 2016

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Digital marketing allows so many ways to automate processes, from the collection of leads through your website to the scheduling of social media posts. Automated marketing has, understandably, opened up time in your schedule so you can focus on things you may not have previously had time for. Now, you have time for customer service, expanding your product lines, and building your brand, right?

The problem many discover after automating as much of their tasks as possible is that they start to lose the humanity in their brand. Instead of appearing genuine and approachable, the brand instead begins to sound like it’s run by robots. You may have already begun to notice a disconnect between your brand and your buyers as they drift away in favor of more authentic businesses.

So, how can you enjoy the automation of your marketing processes and all the benefits provided without turning into a machine? Here are some helpful hints.

Keep It Personal

One of the first indicators of automated marketing is a generic greeting. Addressing buyers “Dear Customer” strips them of their identities and lets them know you don’t care enough to call them by name anymore.

From the moment you learn the names of your customers and clients, you should always endeavor to personalize any and all of your communication. The more you learn about your customers through the automated process you have in place, the more you should provide information, products, and service that meets their exact needs.

You can also keep things personal even when automating your social media posts. The key is to monitor your accounts and be sure to respond to customers seeking support. Even better, lift up those who have praised your brand or products so that other fans can see how grateful—and responsive—you are.

Pay Attention

Newsletters, coupon offers, product updates, holiday sales—these things can clog a buyer’s email inbox and inspire frustration. To make that frustration bubble over, try sending everything at once. Many brands make the mistake of scheduling every email to go out within a few days of each other, simply because it allows them to mark one more thing off the to-do list.

Instead, pay attention to your customers’ wishes when segmenting your contact lists. Send only the email updates that apply, using what you know about your customers. If you’ve recently sent a newsletter, reschedule that discount deal or, better yet, include it in the newsletter to cut down on the number of emails you send. Nothing screams “automated” louder than multiple emails at once. And in a world where buyers are looking for authentic and transparent, your automation just won’t fly.

The same goes for your social media presence. If your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts all post the same exact update at the same time, your audience will know you’re cutting corners with automation. Learn which of your buyers are more likely to use each particular platform, tailor your message on those platforms to the demographics most likely to see it, and then schedule your posts to update at different times throughout the day.

Examine Your Voice

Even after using the tips listed above, your emails, social media posts, and blogs could still take on a robot’s tone. Whether you realize it or not, you will change your brand’s voice, even if a little, when crafting your automated messaging. It’s human nature to sound like a machine when you’re cranking out updates all at one time.

Simply check all your messages before they post to make sure they still have a fresh feel to them. As a bonus, this can also help you avoid accidental faux pas that have nearly destroyed brands in the past.

There is no reason not to use all the automated marketing tools available to you. They are there to make your job easier. Just be sure to follow these tips so that your brand always keeps its human side.

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