Local Video Marketing and What Everyone is Missing

  • by Steve Gumm January 30, 2016
    January 30, 2016

    Local video marketing is a just a term to describe a type of service. That’s all. It’s words. To one reader it will mean one thing and to another something entirely different. The same can be said for any profession, title or name for that matter.

    To me it means building connections. It means sharing the stories of people who matter. And everyone matters. Everyone has a story. Everyone has a truth buried beneath the veneer and like an archaeologist my job is to dig for the truly remarkable hidden beneath the surface.

    In business and life, it’s what we don’t see that is most interesting to us. It’s not so much the beautiful dish placed before you at that restaurant as much as it’s the training, preparation, sacrifice, origin of the foods, history of the recipes, story of the waitress, obstacles overcome hours before preparation was to begin, travels and training of the chef, risks of the entrepreneur and the families being supported by your purchase of the finished product.

    The finished product or service is nothing more than a result much like you are nothing more than a result of thousands of years of ancestors, stories and experiences leading up to what is today. A name. A title. A logo.

    Video enables us to share the uncovered truth with more people far quicker and without limits or boundaries. While I absolutely love the financial benefits a successful marketing effort brings, I am far more fascinated with the new connections, friendships and bonds which emerge thanks in large part to an uncovered discovery.

    Life is short; far shorter than the human mind conceives it to be. We’re focused on stuff. But true wealth is measured in experiences, friendships, and stories passed on from generation to generation.

    If you’ve ever seen Jiro Dreams of Sushi then you’ll understand the finished product is not the best part. Not even close. It’s what’s beneath the surface that draws human curiosity, appreciation and a new experience. At face value it’s a sushi place. Until you realize it’s so much more.

    The biggest surprise my clients receive is the unforeseen impact pulling back the curtain has on the bottom line. They are surprised at how the community connects to them deeper, appreciates more and how customers become inquisitive and interested in the entire process. Whatever it is you do, the process is an art. My clients often find a level of appreciation from their community previously unseen. And it’s all because new connections are being made on a far deeper level than the finished product ever could deliver.

    I’m as excited to capture the moment as I am helping my clients build and grow their business. While the strategic focus may be on niche markets, keywords, capturing leads and building funnels, it all pales in comparison to the value of capturing the moment.

    I understand my role. I understand I’m playing a small part in a much larger story. I understand that twenty years from now my clients may indeed look back on the work we did together and remember a turning point for their business or a year of remarkable profitability. But the truth is very few will recall those individual moments of financial gain or economic momentum. What they’ll be looking at and remembering when they look back on the work we do together is the laughter, the people, the stories and memories of a moment. A moment I am so very lucky to be able to capture for them, their team, their community, family and friends.

    Local video marketing is a powerful marketing tool that can deliver financial rewards to a business unlike any other advertising. But the truth is it’s a gift delivering hidden value beyond comprehension at this moment which will pay dividends long into the future in ways money truly cannot buy.a

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