Kickstarter Community By Numbers

April 25, 2015

Kickstarter has become a buzzword in the startup community. Every day, there are more than 8,000 active campaigns hosted on the website. Crowdfunding provides great fundraising and marketing opportunities. But to use this mechanism effectively, the entrepreneurs must know their audience and the best channels to reach it. This is why we’ve created this infographic.

Kickstarter success rates are going down. Almost 62% of all campaigns fail. One of the main reasons for that is lack of preparation. Before launching a campaign, whether it is for crowdfunding or general promotion, an entrepreneur must create a detailed marketing plan with specific messages targeting different groups of potential customers. It is impossible to do without a clear understanding of the Kickstarter community.

So who are these people surfing the largest crowdfunding website and pledging, combined, more than $ 1,000 per minute to support strangers’ projects?

According to the data from SimilarWeb, Quantcom and Kickstarter itself, Kickstarter is dominated by white (78%) men (74%) under the age of 35 (58%) with no kids at home (56%).

Knowing these numbers, an entrepreneur will be better equipped to make a decision, whether the crowdfunding platform is a good match for the promotion. For example, this year, we see a significant number of campaigns for baby products. While it helps to educate women about the concept of crowdfunding and brings “fresh blood” to the platform, the creators should remember not to extrapolate their campaign results onto the general population and their target audience of moms.

To plan an effective promotion, an entrepreneur must know the sources of traffic and the best channels to reach out to potential backers. The following numbers should help with that:

• Almost half of the traffic and more than 63% of the pledges come from the United States.
• More than 17% of all Kickstarter visitors live in California.
• 22% of the traffic comes from social networks, with Facebook being an absolute leader (43%), followed by Reddit (30%) and Twitter (16%).
• Traditional advertising doesn’t produce any significant results. Less than half a percent of the traffic comes from Google Adwords.

Hopefully this information will help the readers to better understand the Kickstarter community and to create more effective campaigns.

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