Is This a Better Way to Set Your 2020 Goals and Resolutions?

Is This a Better Way to Set Your 2020 Goals and Resolutions?

Why would you establish business goals that are just numbers and personal resolutions that set you up to fail? That is what most of us do this time of year. We set business goals based on revenue, distribution, gross profit, and more. All of which are easy to quantify, but are they really reflective of success? We set binary resolutions for ourselves. I will lose X; I won’t do this and will do that. Anything short of perfect merely becomes a failure. I believe there is an inherent value in goal setting and resolution making at this time of year. I just think most of us do it poorly. What if we approach it a different way?

I am going to share with you how I am setting about it this year. It is certainly not the only way, and who knows if it is right. But maybe it will get you to think differently about how you set yours.

For years I’ve been measuring my business goals using numbers, revenue, profit, etc. Yet, I’ve had years where I’ve achieved my goals and have been miserable, and others where I’ve fallen short that were fantastic. So maybe I’ve been measuring the wrong things. This year I am going to try another method. Here is what I am going to track:

Impact: The impact TIG has on the brands we serve as measured by the valuation growth of the businesses and the feedback from their founders. Additionally, the positive effect TIG has on the lives of those who work on this team.

Fulfillment: The sense of joy and excitement derived from doing what I do for a living. The measurement here is simple; it’s the number of days I awake genuinely looking forward to going to work.

Experiences: I think a true indicator of wealth is the experiences you create for yourself and for others. This could include travel, learning, being out of your comfort zone, and more. I will measure this by keeping a journal.

Friendships: For nearly 20-years, I worked for a person whose advice to me was, “don’t ever make friends at work.” That was so wrong! Most of the people I claim as my best friends, who next to my family, I hold the closest have come from my work in this industry. Developing authentic and loving friendships is the absolute definition of success. I won’t track this on a spreadsheet, I’ll feel it in my heart.

I am pretty certain that if I accomplish the above the numbers will take care of themselves. Now, let’s tackle resolutions. I don’t know about you, but I am deeply flawed. Why would I set resolutions that require perfection to succeed while anything less is failure? However, that is precisely what I do year after year, and it is why by February, most are out the window. I think I have a simple solution, and all it takes is the insertion of one word, “most”. Let me illustrate by sharing some of my 2020 resolutions.

On most days, I will exercise either walking, swimming, or going to yoga.

On most days, I will take the time to meditate; to sit in solitude.

I will eat a mostly plant-based diet, allowing for a few eggs and dairy products here and there.

Most of the time, I will eat mindfully in a manner that nourishes the body, mind, and spirit.

Most days, I will drink only one glass of red wine.

Most nights, I won’t work when I get home from the office.

Most nights, I will read, play music or chess instead of watching TV.

Most of the time, I will be aware of and appreciate how blessed I am.

By inserting the word “most,” I afford myself the grace we all deserve. It doesn’t mean I am any less accountable, it just makes room for imperfection.

So, there you have it, a different approach to 2020 goals and resolutions. Again, I have no idea if this is the right way or not. It just feels like a better, more realistic way to set my intentions for the year. Regardless of how you tackle this, I want to wish you the very best for 2020. May you accomplish all of your goals and resolutions. Happy New Year!

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