Is The Value Of A Website Decreasing?

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December 12, 2014

Social media, content marketing, and search marketing are evolving and changing the face of online marketing.

A good website is needed now more than ever. It is the one item that you have control over and it should be the focal point when working with these other marketing channels. I want to show you how I have changed with respect to these marketing channels and it is a significant change!

Social Media

Old Way – It was a way to simply engage others and build a group of followers. Content was often off-the-cuff-dialogues. This is not sustainable in the long run for me. Others, might disagree, but I like the fact that I have developed a new approach to this channel.

New Way – It is the voice of my content marketing. Every day I need to have a message to share. This message resonates on a company website or my professional website. I try to connect with others who also build their own content on their own site. From here, this information is shared with others. For me, Twitter and Linkedin are the best places for this process.

Content Marketing

Old Way – It was a way to establish a blog and develop content on a regular basis,

New Way – It is a whole new concept which needs to be incorporated across multiple mediums. Read more in an article I wrote this past week: Moving Content Marketing to Another Level in 2015.

Search Marketing

Old Way – Organic is the way to go. If I am not on the first page of Google, I am not doing my job. It was all about keywords and links

New Way – It is just one part of a person’s search for data. Google is changing search rules almost every quarter. With good, quality content, Google will find your site. Now, a presence on social media like Linkedin, Pinterest and Twitter are places where people are searching for information. People only have so much time to search on their mobiledevices. Put your efforts into Google Places, Google Maps, and make sure people can find your business and have a way to call you. Make your site mobile friendly in 2015.

Is Your Website Value Going Down?

Many people will tell you websites are a thing of the past. These are the same people who do not update content on their website. Also, I have seen a resurgence in people going back to websites because they are tired of the noise on social channels. Aren’t the best communications on social media, those that post links to legitimate websites that are easy to read and access?

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: PERFORM THIS LITTLE TRICK ON YOUR MOBILE PHONE – CONDUCT A GOOGLE SEARCH – – Use the terms “Marketing Director Blog” – Do you see in your Google Search Results: ( ( Mobile-friendly )) before the rest of the context. Mobile is here!

It is time to get with the program and make sure you are making a site that is easily accessible through mobile. Continue to make your website simple to read and navigate. Continue to produce quality content and look for ways to bring all of these ideas together. Don’t put all your efforts into one of these areas.Continue to marry them together. Remember this process is ongoing and changing constantly. Stay on top of it and understand the value that each of these area bring!

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