Is Everyone a Project Manager?

April 25, 2015

Most of us don’t have project manager in our job title but that’s not to say we aren’t involved in managing projects. Personally on a day-to-day basis, I have to manage website updates, allocate tasks and actions to colleagues, prepare and implement marketing campaign plans, and supervise social media and advertising plans. I have never received formal project management training and would never describe myself as a project manager but managing projects is a key part of my role.

Far from being an unusual way of working, when I look at colleagues and friends, everyone seems to be working like this and it seems that most people in business also work on projects and have increasing project management responsibilities.

And while most organizations provide their project managers with tools and the formal training on both the recommended methodologies and the use of those tools to enable them to successfully manage their projects, outside of formal project management, workers are generally not provided with exposure to such things. Often the result can be that inconsistent and inefficient approaches to project management across the business are developed.

These ‘project managers’ in all but name are regularly in and out of projects and require a simple solution that doesn’t require re-training each time they return to or begin a new project. Using mind mapping software in this way provides a simple cost effective project management tool that users can adopt as a way of working throughout the project lifecycle.

Mind mapping software will; lead the user through, brainstorming for requirements gathering, projects risks and problem solving, help them manage meetings from project kick-off to retrospectives and enable them to develop project scope and Gantt charts to manage projects to a successful end.

While many people have heard of the mind mapping abilities, when they start using the project management functionality, they see for themselves the results it can bring.

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