Instagram Marketing and Making Money – 2017 Edition

— December 27, 2016

Let’s give you some background on how people are making tons of money via Instagram. I am not talking about selling products, but by selling native posts on their accounts. A lot of people run what I call themed accounts, some examples: (I have 0 affiliations to these accounts)

A theme account is basically an account that consists of memes. These accounts typically have anywhere from 500K+ Followers and charge by the hour to advertise on them. Rates will be anywhere from $ 60/hour up to $ 400/hour depending on how large the account is. Now this is where people make their money because lots of people want to advertise because the results can be great if you do it right.

Why would you want to advertise?

  1. Grow followings. After one post here was the results: 1K new followers. The downside is everyone is typically between the ages of 10 – 18.
  2. Download apps, I used to use shoutouts to drive app downloads and see a CPI of $ 0.05 – $ 1 depending on the app. Due to all the Instagram changes it is no longer as effective. (Some people still swear by shoutouts though)
  3. Traffic, shoutouts are decent for driving traffic especially if the product is cheaper. Think all the fidget toys that people have recently started selling.

How do you do it?

Well if you check out the accounts I listed before you will see that they all have KIK in their profile. This is where you can hit them up, asking for pricing and a shoutout. You send them the money via PayPal. 90% of the time they will only accept friends and family payment. It is sketchy I know but I have not been scammed yet. (fingers crossed) You send them your post and caption and then they will post it for the length of time that you bought. If your image/video does not match the theme very much, prepare to have your post do nothing and have little engagement. I cannot stress how important it is to try to match the theme of the account.

Some things to remember:

  • These accounts are run by 16 – 20 y/o’s most of the time, so business savvy is not strong with them. I had a kid miss the posting time because he was at basketball practice.
  • Don’t bother trying to negotiate with the account holders if you haven’t worked with them before. They have nothing to lose by not accepting your business because their product is usually in high demand.
  • Posting strictly on Instagram is becoming ineffective, you are going to want to try to get them to post on IG Stories if possible. (I have yet to test this yet so I do not know any results)

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