Increasing Visibility Through Social Media

March 16, 2015

Social media has permeated every part of our lives. We use it at work, we use it for work, and we have access to it 24/7 via our mobile devices. As with anything this ubiquitous, there are pros and cons. The cons are squandering time and productivity, but pros include increased brand visibility, higher revenue and a way for the community to always have a way to reach out to you. Here are some ways you can stay connected to the community via social media.

Keep a Steady Stream of Info Flowing

Make sure you are regularly creating and sharing compelling content. Whether it’s a link to an article on your site, an intriguing picture on Instagram, an invitation to become a Google+ follower or a simple tweet, make sure it is something people can sink their teeth into. If you need help developing a social media strategy — a Facebook strategy, for instance — there are numerous resources available that can put you on the right track.

Love Your Fans

Your followers need to know they’re appreciated. Make it a point to interact with them on a regular basis. Whether it’s replying to one of their posts, friendly banter, or responding to general inquiries, nothing makes your fans feel more validated and respected than direct interaction. Engaging them shows that you’re listening and you care. You can also offer something exclusively for those fans, such as a coupon code.

Have a Contest

Playing off of the previous idea, offer some sort of competition for your followers. For example, if you specialize in tools for small businesses, have contestants make a funny office video and offer the grand prize winner $ 500 cash to use for office supplies. You can be as creative and as generous as you want with this, and it’s guaranteed to get a response. People will talk about this – on the page as well as in person – and news of your company will spread like wildfire.

Hopefully these ideas have you thinking about ways you can begin or improve your social media tactics. Always consider the people you’re trying to reach, and remember – they’re the ones that keep you in business.

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