HubSpot unveils AI additions and a revamped Sales Hub

The new AI features include chatbots and more powerful predictive tools. Sales Hub has improved its LinkedIn integration and more.

Inbound 23 started today with HubSpot unveiling HubSpot AI, which brings together new and existing AI-powered products and features, and a reimagined HubSpot’s Sales Hub.

The AI’s features include:

  • AI Assistants, which are generative AI capabilities that help teams create content, images, websites and reports.
  • AI Agents that automate and respond to customer service inquiries submitted to chatbots and via email. This will launch in early 2024.
  • AI Insights, which are analytics tools that use predictive AI to make recommendations and forecasts.


One example is the ChatSpot feature. Now in public beta, ChatSpot combines the capabilities of ChatGPT with other data sources, including a HubSpot customer’s Smart CRM.

“This isn’t our debut announcement of AI,” said Chris Miller, HubSpot’s vice president of product, growth & AI. Previously, “a lot of the AI we were using was predictive and provided more static insights and experiences. Now, generative AI allows our customers to create a lot easier and to author and edit a lot easier and to take ideas and make them into tangible realities much easier.” 

Sales Hub upgrade

The revamped Sales Hub’s new capabilities include:

  • Prospecting workspace for sales reps that consolidates prospecting activities helping them organize their day, stay focused, and identify urgent tasks. 
  • Advanced lead management and reporting to better organize, track, and prioritize leads.
  • AI-powered deal management and forecasting that enables sales teams to better prioritize efforts and predict outcomes.
  • Syncing HubSpot’s Smart CRM with LinkedIn Sales Navigator (currently in private beta). 

“The 2023 economic theme of ‘doing more with less’ is on HubSpot’s mind,” said Jen Bergren, the head of operations at Remotish, a HubSpot RevOps and WebOps agency, and author of MarTech’s Hubspot Release Notes series.

“Many of the releases start to eliminate the need for third-party tools, such as tools for meeting scheduling or payments, which saves customers’ shrinking budgets. As many companies have experienced layoffs this year, HubSpot customers may also appreciate the efficiency gains from team members staying inside one platform, as well as the increased efficiency from using HubSpot’s new AI tools,” Bergren said.

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