How Your Lead Generation Campaign Can Persist With Personal Branding

  • By , Published November 4, 2014


    Personal branding is another big thing in marketing but like a lot of trends, people are too impressed by what it shows than listening to what the experts are telling them about it.

    So here’s a much closer look into the finer points of a personal brand and how it specifically works with a persistent attitude in your lead generation strategy.

    How Your Lead Generation Campaign Can Persist With Personal Branding image Steve Jobs dress.jpg 300x224Look at characters from popular TV series. They all have defining characteristics that make them iconic. That’s one example of a personal brand. In real life, Steve Jobs had his own iconic look that was consistent for over ten years.

    They all have these unique, personable traits that everyone recognizes. But you the biggest reason why? It’s because people kept seeing it. It caught on. The impression gradually took hold.

    Obviously, this might seem a little bit more difficult when it comes to entire organization but that is where a persistent lead generation strategy comes in:

    • Transparent content – Being open about your experience and how you operate is a good start. Don’t underestimate the power of simply leaving your thoughts and insights on a blog. You never know who could pick it up and be inspired to look further into your business.
    • Simple yet recognizable – Sometimes it’s a simple combination of simple elements that make a character recognizable. Whether it’s Winnie the Pooh’s red shirt or Groucho Marx’s bush and stache. A lead generation campaign should incorporate the same kind of simplicity so it’s easier to leave a lasting impression on prospects.
    • Focus on your connections – Sometiems it’s not just an individual person or business which defines their unique brand identity. It’s also the contrast it serves against others. Whether it’s the rivalry between Android and iOS or a pair like Batman and Robin, it can be less about yourself and more about how you maintain your connections with other companies.

    Oddly enough, the techniques to successful personal branding aren’t just beneficial on the personal level. They can have an impact on a lead generation strategy that is consistent with its delivery and sticks to its identity.

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