How To Write Highly Effective Business Blogs

November 19, 2015

There’s a lot more than just SEO behind successful business blogs. You have to write about what matters to your audience, draw them in with inspired writing, and blog consistently.

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From one business blogger to another, here are some inspiring words of wisdom about what it takes to write highly effective business blogs to help you build an audience and position you as a thought leader in your industry.

How To Write Highly Effective Business Blogs Tip#1

Just like everything you do in life (hopefully), writing should have a purpose. The best performing business blogs out there are crafted with clear goals in mind.

And by goals, I DON’T mean “selling.”

Your business blogging goals should revolve around the following:

  • Building your authority and thought-leadership in your industry by finding your voice, proactively sharing your expertise, and staying relevant.
  • Getting found by your buyer personas and capturing new audiences by discussing industry-relevant topics that matter to them.
  • Nurturing prospects and leads through active engagement.

Don’t be afraid to share your expertise and don’t be afraid of alienating certain audiences by zero-ing in on your blog’s purpose. Focus your blog on what matters to your business, and what matters to your business should be what matters to your buyer personas.

How To Write Highly Effective Business Blogs Tip#2

To capture the hearts and minds of your readers, you need to create a “voice” for your business blog. Don’t coat your writing with industry jargons, abstract explanations, or complicated expositions. When it comes to writing, simplicity is the best policy. Your blog is a means of engaging with your audience, and sufficed to say, if you cannot speak to them in a voice they understand or appreciate, then you are failing.

Albert Einstein himself once said,
“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

Find a voice that carries authority without sacrificing enthusiasm and creativity. You can let your hair down and still sound smart. Just because you are writing a business blog doesn’t mean you have to be bland. On the contrary, the top business blogs out there are highly successful and influential because they were written with a memorable voice. This is your chance to connect to your audience and differentiate yourself from your competitors. You are not just another business talking about just another business concept.

You have a powerful voice, you have a memorable personality, and you speak the language of your audience.

How To Write Highly Effective Business Blogs Tip#3

New ideas abound and industry shakeups pop up unexpectedly. One of the best ways to utilize this is to make sure you are tuned in to the goings on in your industry. If there are new ideas or current affairs to be explored that you are not quite familiar with, don’t fret. Take a deep breath, do your research and don’t shy away from taking a jab at it. Blogging about new ideas or breaking news is a great way to expose your blog to a new audience.

You can keep yourself in the know and ahead of the game in your industry by:

  • Setting Google Alerts
  • Subscribing to industry-specific curated publications
  • Taking part in forums and social groups
  • Regularly checking out credible industry-related studies
  • Follow industry leaders and hear what they have to say
  • Attend industry conventions
  • Make it a habit to conduct your own experiments, analysis, and tests on your theories

Strike while the iron is hot and submerge yourself into the unknown!

How To Write Highly Effective Business Blogs Tip#4

To perfect your writing and make it more effective, learn from the posts you have published before. Which topics were a hit? Which ones weren’t? What voice got your readers engaged? What got flak? Maybe there were other angles to explore? Maybe some items were left out? Maybe there was some successful trends that can be repeated on your future posts? Learn from what works and what doesn’t.

Don’t forget, mistakes are meant for learning, not repeating.

How To Write Highly Effective Business Blogs Tip#5

“Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing.”
-Benjamin Franklin

They say the pen is mightier than the sword — this adage is exactly what content marketing is all about. The power to influence is at the tip of your fingertips through blogging. But to wield this power effectively, you must hone your skills in writing. What better way to learn how to write better than by reading?

Successful business blogs have more than just remarkable ideas; they are written well. Writing well in the digital space for your business doesn’t just mean you got good grammar, flawless punctuation and correct spelling. Now, don’t get me wrong. These are all necessary to build a credible blog for your business, but these are not what makes great writing alone.

Writing is an art and a skill that improves over time. The key is to keep writing and to keep reading. Reading regularly does not only improve your mind in general but it teaches you how to write better too. Exposing yourself to great writing enables you to acquire a wide-range of writing styles, helps you generate innovative ideas, and the best part — enables you to get into the mindset of your industry audience and determine what captures their minds and what doesn’t.

How To Write Highly Effective Business Blogs Tip#6

To create a highly effective business blog, you must write it with your buyer personas in mind. Who are the group of people you are looking to target? What are their pain points, their language, and their pleasures?

Don’t write blog articles simply because you want to, write them because they offer some sort of value to your buyer personas. When you know who you are writing for, you can will be able to create content pieces that are a million times more meaningful and effective.

How To Write Highly Effective Business Blogs Tip#7

Don’t be left rotting on the digital shelf because you are stuck on repeat like a broken record. If you want to produce blogs that resonate with your audience, you have to go beyond the old blahs and make it a point to stay current.

How To Write Highly Effective Business Blogs Tip#8

Your business blog should always impart value to your readers. To create compelling blog articles, do your research and incorporate facts, ideas, and other resources that can expand your thoughts and offer value.

Be sure to fact check claims you want to make and attribute them accordingly to the individuals or organizations where they have originated from. The last thing you want to do as a business blogger, is to apologize to your reader for inaccuracies or lack of information. Do your research diligently.

How To Write Highly Effective Business Blogs Tip#9

One of the best tips here, is to just be yourself. If you’re looking to build a following online, let your personality show and people will follow. Just because you are writing a business blog doesn’t mean you cannot express yourself in the manner that is true to who you are.

On the contrary, your personality is one of the greatest assets when it comes to writing business blogs. People want to get to know who’s behind the screen. Your personality sets you apart from the saturated world of online content.

Take your blog as an opportunity to forge a stronger bond between you and your audience. It’s okay to have your own opinions, and it’s okay to sprinkle vivacity and personality into your writing.

How To Write Highly Effective Business Blogs Tip#10

When you find an opportunity to go against the tide, I suggest you take it.

Have ideas that are not exactly the what your industry agrees with? Go for it! Open your laptop and write away. It takes guts and a whole lot of research but when done right, going against the grain on certain industry matters can be your ticket to the hearts and minds of new (and even old) audiences.

You shouldn’t be a digital parrot for the old ideas in your industry tossed around like a wilted salad. Don’t oppose just to be different. Delve into the details of why you think a certain idea is worth the opposite outlook and do ample research to support your argument.

How To Write Highly Effective Business Blogs Tip#11

Writing a good blog consistently requires you getting into the “zone”. Write when you’re feeling enthusiastic and get in the habit of conditioning yourself to certain “flow” times. Find the best times of the day that work for you. When are you feeling the most inspired? When will you have the least amount of interruptions? Writing regularly can be tough if you cannot find your flow. Get in tune with yourself and make writing at optimal times a habit.

How To Write Highly Effective Business Blogs Tip#12

No matter how great your business blogs are, they are only half as effective if you do not amplify them. Share your blogs with world through social media channels, forums, industry-related groups and other channels that are relevant. Keep in mind that there is a fine line between sharing and spamming so make sure you aren’t crossing the line.

Share your work on your personal and business pages, encourage your audience to engage with you, ask them questions and proactively join the chatter about the topics you are writing about. Remember not to share your blogs in social media groups or channels if they are out of context or can be deemed inappropriate or offensive for a particular audience.

How To Write Highly Effective Business Blogs Tip#13

The best way to write effective business blogs? Simple. KEEP AT IT.

Have tips of your own you found helpful with your business blogs? I want to hear them! Share your tips on the comment section below.

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