How to Tap Into the Law of Employee Attraction [Infographic]

— December 20, 2016

Does an employer’s online activity affect the type of talent they’re able to attract? How about their branding?

Column Five collaborated with analytics-driven recruiting software company Jobvite to create an amazing infographic called, “The Law of Employee Attraction.” Their infographic provides information and statistics to answer the question of whether an employer’s branding affects the type of talent they’re able to attract.

The Law of Employee Attraction: Employer Branding Draws Top Talent

With today’s job market being more competitive than ever, highly sought after job seekers are likely to research a company online before they apply. If you are a small business owner, it is especially important to invest in strong online branding that attracts top-tier talent.

Since employer competition is fierce when it comes to attracting and retaining top new hires, the way you present your business online can certainly make an impact on job seekers. And of course, you would rather make a positive impression rather than a negative one.

Four Pro Hacks to Showcase Your Company and Attract the Best

One of the most effective ways to attract stellar talent is by distributing your business’ top-performing content across as many online channels as possible. Doing this goes a long way towards creating a robust and engaging employer brand presence online.

Here are ways to increase your online presence and attract top talent:

  1. Post regular social media updates showcasing your business, company culture, employee brand, and job offerings.

Pro Hacks:

  • Use a variety of formats such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Proven to maximize job visibility. For example, when a hiring manager or business owner posts a job on Proven, which is a hiring tool and job board specifically for small businesses, it is automatically distributed to 100+ job boards.
  • Create dedicated accounts for career/recruitment purposes.
  • Encourage employees to share content with their own networks.
  • Automate regular posts, including job descriptions.

  1. Think people, not prerequisites.

Pro Hack:

Don’t automatically disregard a candidate who doesn’t meet the minimum requirements. If you like the person and see that he or she has potential to grow into the role for which you are hiring, this should be taken into account when hiring.

  1. Create a company-specific hashtag for people to join your conversation(s) on social media.

Pro Hack:

You can also use the hashtag to track what people are saying about your brand.

  1. Incorporate memorable visuals into your employer brand communication efforts.

Pro Hack:

Create infographics, images, and videos to increase audience engagement.

Are you ready to achieve success with your small business’ recruitment efforts? Check out the infographic below for more tips and hacks for attracting the stellar staff you deserve and desire:

Law of employee attraction

This post originally appeared on the DashBurst Data blog and has been republished with permission.

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