How To Make Your Corporate Blog Successful

February 23, 2015

Most businesses think that running a corporate blog will help them communicate with their customers better, build their brand and generate sales. But unfortunately, it is easier said than done. Achieving the above three goals is tough with a corporate blog unless you learn from your mistakes. So what should you do to make your corporate blog successful? In this article, we will highlight a few tips on how to make a corporate blog successful.

Tip #1 Blog On What’s Relevant to Your Business

As a company, you must know your target audience or consumers. Are you a B2B, B2C or C2C company? Who gains the most from your service or product? When you clearly have the answers to these questions, you would also know your consumer demography. When you launch your corporate blog, you need to write for your specific customers. In other words, all the blog posts should be relevant to your business. When you have niche content, you can easily attract the interested. Though you may find less traffic in the beginning but when you continue to post relevant content, the traffic (and more importantly the revenue) will automatically improve.   The Whole Story updates its blog with posts related to culture, recipes and other interesting things. All the posts are related to the core service area of the organisation.

Tip #2 Keep The Best Content for The Rest

Many times you may be very proud of the content that written for your blog and expect to get thousands of hits. But posting an impressive and well-written content on your blog (that’s not very popular yet) might not be a very good idea. That’s because by doing so you limit the reach of your content to a limited few. But when you post a well-written content on popular blogs such as Mashable, Huffington Post, you will get significant attention. That’s because these blogs are read by hundreds of thousands every month. Guest-blogging has several benefits – you can drive traffic back to your site, get more readers and also generate more leads. So keep your best for the rest and get additional traffic to your blog. publishes the best content on its blog and its founder Rand often advocates for this practice.

Tip #3 Turning Readers Into Buyers

One of the biggest attractions of the Internet is that people get easily accustomed to freebies. People will visit your blog because they enjoy the content, not because they necessarily appreciate your service or product. Large traffic doesn’t always convert to added revenue. While the blog posts are free, your products or services aren’t. It is seen that people start to expect things for free very easily and for you to convince them to ‘buy’ is a challenge. You shouldn’t be surprised if you get request mails from people expecting free services and products! It is very important that you turn your readers into buyers. That can be slowly done by making your readers take a few non-committal actions, which can later induce them to buy. Some non-committal actions can be –

  • Do not offer free e-books easily. Let your readers give you their email ids. This will make your readers realize that they have to give something in order to receive a benefit (the e-book).
  • Do not simply email the free e-book but mail the links. This will make your readers ‘click’ to receive the benefit you promised. This action can later help them to ‘buy’ from you.
  • Request your readers to share your blog once in a while. You can simply add a message at the end of every content so that the readers learn to reciprocate to your requests.

Kissmetrics uses all the aforementioned techniques to grab the attention of its visitors and it is immensely successful in almost all its endeavor.

Tip #4 Be A Consistent Blogger

One of the greatest mistakes corporate bloggers make is that they stop blogging once they witness a rise in the traffic. You should understand that just as a website’s traffic rises, it can also fall. If that happens, all the energy you give to build the website can get wasted. Thus it is essential you remain a consistent blogger and post content at a regular interval. Gotch SEO publishes awesome articles on regular basis and this is what has helped it build a large fan base on the virtual world.

Tip #5 Take Help from Social Media

There is no way you can underestimate the power of the social media. Make the most of social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook to promote your blog. That should largely take care of your traffic and also add to the revenue.

Keeping in mind the above tips can change the fate of your corporate blog. Try them and see the difference for yourself.

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