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Silesia, the most industrialized region of Poland, has undergone a metamorphosis. Polish architects have built sustainable office as part of the revitalization process of postindustrial areas. This process aims at creating public spaces and office buildings of new quality and high standards. One of the catalysts for its ongoing changes is the education and business center ‘New Gliwice’ situated on the grounds of the former mine ‘Gliwice’.

Construction of FIS-SST headquarters was the first building in this business area. Designed by zalewski architecture group, the building is designed in the shape of elongated cuboids. Front and rear elevations made of wooden blinds create a consistent structure and give the building a simple and compact form. Outer walls of the building, preformatted with vertical window are  hidden behind the shutter layer. This solution provides an impression of a single block with no apparent divisions in the façade. Blinds, apart from the aesthetics effect, protects from excessive sunlight and overheating of the rooms.

The Malta maritime authority plays a major role in consolidating the islands as a maritime hub and in the development and organization of national maritime economy.

In order to reduce environmental footprint of the building, several design parameters were considered to improve the overall performance of the fabric. Metal-louvered screens on south facades protect the glazed surfaces from summer sun whilst allowing lower incidence rays to penetrate in winter.

Furtherments,  the building design also allows modularity of office spaces, providing open but manageable working environments for different entities that ,ake use of the maritime trade centre.

Wahroonga preparatory school is a co-education school of the uniting church catering for children. This Australian school provides a bright and colorful environment for children and the local community. As sustainability has become a widely recognized issue, teaching of ecological practices has grown to be an integral part of the school cueeiculum. A number of sustainable development choices were introduced during the design phase.

The solar panels installed on the school building provide energy source for the school and adjacent church buildings. As a teaching tool, these solar panels are utilized to inform students about issues such as climate change, greenhouse gas emissions and methodologies for creating sustainable change.

The milanofiori housing complex is characterized by a series of functions. The design seeks symbiosis between architecture and landscape. This interface is defined by the ‘c’ from of the complex, which encompasses all 107 apartments. The two facades are designed differently-one facing the street outside is more urban, and other towards the inner park is more organic.


Internet marketing Belgium