How To Make Sure Your Website Has A User Friendly Design

by Muhammad Azam April 13, 2016
April 13, 2016

It is extremely important to make your website user friendly, because this is what will make your visitors keep coming back. At some point, we have all come across a website that does not work, or a website where it takes us forever to find the thing we are looking for, and honestly, no one likes that. Since visitors are the core part of your business, getting them the best user experience as soon as they land on your page is what is really important. So, read on and find out what are the design elements that play a huge part in making your website user friendly.

Intuitive Design

Your website needs to be aesthetically pleasing and functional, which are the two main things of an intuitive design. Users want to view a website like it is one fluid movement, they don’t like to waste time trying to figure out how your website works. When designing, you need to have your audience in mind, because 80% of your revenue is generated by 20% of your users. Avoid making it complex and create a website which will be easy to understand and have engaging content. The most useable website is a simple website, so minimize all the unnecessary distractions.


Almost half of your users will want your website to load in less than two seconds, so you need to have minimal load time, or visitors will abandon your page. Users want an efficient and fast experience, so avoid large amounts of videos, flash and photos. Compress your images and minimize the load time. The transition between the pages on your website should be a smooth process, and if you improve the performance of your website, you can achieve higher conversion rates, because Google ranks the speed of your website in their search ranking algorithms.

Pay Attention to Mobile Users

More than half of all searches are carried out on mobile devices, so if your website is not mobile-friendly, this can be a costly error, because many users worldwide always choose the easiest way to get information and that is often done through a mobile phone. Creating a mobile-friendly website does not mean that your website can be viewed on mobile devices. It needs to be specifically designed for smaller screens, which will allow easy navigation and minimize the need for scrolling.

Navigation Tools

If your users cannot find the information they were looking for, then having a creative and exciting website has no point. You need to have clear, intuitive and structured navigation. Have a search bar, so that users can type in what they need. Place it above the fold, because if you move it to another location, this will make the users abandon your page and move on to another website. Try to minimize the number of clicks the user needs before they get to what they were looking for.

Last but not the least, readability. The content on your website needs to be readable, concise and it is to contain all the important information that needs to stand out with the use of bullet points and headings. Avoid putting advertisements in the middle of your content, because they will disturb the reader’s flow. These are the most important elements your website needs to have in order to be user friendly. Make sure to implement them all and create a website which will make your users love it and keep them coming back.

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