How to Increase the CTR of Your Email Campaign

February 24, 2015

Click through rates or CTRs are a major factor in the success of your B2B email lead generation campaign. It reflects how many of your send-outs were able to incite engagements from target identities. Low CTR rates obviously mean that your email campaign isn’t doing well enough to generate responses that will possibly convert into business opportunities.

In such a case, marketers like you should figure out effective means to increase their CTR rates, considering also that Salesforce’s 2015 State of Marketing report calls them the most sought after metric in email marketing because of their influence over revenue.

So, here are a few sought after tips that can enhance your B2B lead generation program.

Make your subject lines stand out

According to Convince and Convert, around 35% of prospects open an email based solely on the subject line, or what is often referred to as the “title” of an email. Thus, the subject line should be composed in a way that it instantly grabs the attention of the recipient. It should be short and should foreshadow the actual content of the email; otherwise, it would be dumped straight to the spam folder.

Keep it personal

Giving your emails a human touch is essential in ensuring audience engagement. And with the use of updated marketing automation software, businesses can effectively manage a large volume of email send-outs without downplaying the need of personalization. Ultimately, business prospects respond more effectively when their names and their companies are mentioned in the content of the messages.

Group your send-outs

This is an issue that would also involve effective marketing automation software. Using it to optimize your lead management and prospecting activities, you can identify groups to which you can send out email content specially tailored based on their industry, company  size and other variables.

Offer something they would NEED

Effective email marketing is about giving prospects what they need. Certain problems demand objective judgment. B2B companies however often supply themselves with ineffective solutions they want to pursue. It is your task as a solutions provider to offer them what actually works beyond their bias with content that outlines the best in your arsenal of innovative business tools. In short: Give them the good stuff.

Generate calls-to-action

Link your calls-to-action with your emails. Whether you want them to subscribe to a regular newsletter or simply download a free eBook, you will always want recipients to be transported to a landing page one way or another.

If you are still struggling with your CTR’s, don’t worry. You can always hire a competent B2B multi-channel marketing company to pull prospects towards you.

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